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Fit Food: Monday Mojo Green Smoothie

Fit Food: Monday Mojo Green Smoothie To help you get through your Monday mojo here’s my kick start smoothie for the week. Ready in 3 minutes and you’re out the door with this little number in your hand to kick start the week. I’ve just bought a Tribest personal blender and it’s already proving a…

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Smoothie Of The Week: Fighting Fit

Smoothie of the Week: Fighting Fit: I like to call this smoothie the Fighting Fit smoothie as it really packs a punch! Super simple and not about fancy ingredients – i find it totally filling, the nuts add the important omega’s and added protein is great post workout. Don’t forget that brainpower takes energy too…

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Smoothie Of The Week: The Glowing Green Smoothie

Smoothie Of The Week: The Glowing Green Smoothie This week I have been staying in Mill Valley CA with some über healthy friends,  and every day we’ve been having a new super smoothie made with the Vitamix. Here’s a green smoothie that’s a fantastic pick me up no matter what the weather.  If you have a…

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It's Never Too Late To Be Fit Healthy You

It’s Never Too Late To Be Fit Healthy  You. Lacking results lately in your personal fitness or health goals. Can’t seem to keep on track with your new years resolutions (ever…)? Then maybe it’s time to test how serious you actually are about your personal health and wellbeing and set yourself a personal challenge. Turn…

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Relax 101 – Perfecting the Art of Hammocking

Relax 101 – “Perfecting The Art of Hammocking” Hammock – derived from the dutch word Hang Mat – or hanging mat! I think we should all have these at home. Why wait till you get to a desert island before you recline with a mocktail in your hand, take a big long deep breath then…

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Kite Surfing 101 – Basics For Beginners

Kite Surfing 101: Basics For Beginners I’ve written about kite surfing before and had one or two lessons, but last week after almost 10 years working around the sports elite,  I had the chance to learn with one of the worlds best surfers and kite surfers; Josh Mulcoy. LUCKY ME! Not only was I learning…

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Respect The Body You Have to Create The One You Want

Respect The Body You Have to Create The One You Want In a world rich of imagery, social media, inspiring images and fashion led styling we can easily get focused on what everyone else has – rather than what we have already got ourselves. I like to call it Generation Exhibition. Are we spending too…

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