MONDAYMOJO_SITTINGBLOGSitting a lot is bad for you – no kidding! 

Stand Up While You Read This

If you’ve watched any form of the news lately you will have seen the story about how our sedentary lifestyle, desk bound jobs and serious amount of sitting is causing massive increases in illness, heart disease, diabetes and long-term muscular issues. No kidding! I hate to say it but this is not NEW news.

We all know we need to move more.

We all know that for our health and wellbeing we need a combination of cardio, flexibility, resistance work and core strength to have our body and mind operate to the best of its capacity.

Today more than ever we have access to healthy fresh ideas  – at our finger tips. From Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to Lorna Jane’s Active Nation Day, there are so many ways to learn, be inspired and integrate healthy living into your life and the life of your children.

So why don’t more people embrace it?  I am talking the general ‘we’ – the average population that would prefer to take a painkiller  or a diet pill than go for a walk every morning for 15 minutes to start changing their lifestyle. I realise that for many families the cost of buying fresh vegetables and groceries is way above what it costs to put plain cereals, breads, processed foods and McDonald’s meals into the weekly spend.

However the cost of saving money each week on food choice is far outweighed by the cost of medical bills, pharmaceutical products and a billion dollar industry treating symptoms rather than the cause. It is also far outweighed by the personal cost of not feeling fantastic.

Is this current lifestyle trend of  long hours, more screens for everything, driving, sitting, desk jobs and sofa time a reflection of how society is or lack of personal will power, or accountability? Or all 3!

Here are 5 simple ways you can start to change your life from sitting a lot to move a lot!

I am pretty sure nothing stated below is ground breaking stuff – but I can absolutely 100% guarantee you that if you apply 4 out of 5 of these elements your body, mind and wellbeing will change for the better with lasting results. All this without a gym, fancy equipment or an alarm telling you to move.

1. Take the stairs instead of the lift/escalator – at airports, train stations, malls, work, when ever you can!

2. Make it a new habit to get up at least 15 minutes  earlier to go for a short walk – either with your dog or with your favourite tunes BEFORE you do anything else. Got kids? Then rotate this with your partner for morning and evening walks to build it into your routine. On shift work? Still get up 15 minutes early before you do anything else and go for a walk. Snowing outside? Wrap up super warm and get out there  (unless there is a storm warning  – then have a look at the fitness section on my blog for exercises you do at home). Why is morning exercise good? Check it out here.

3. Leave your desk at lunch time – avoid going down to the bowels of the building into the basement food court – how about bringing your own lunch or discovering something new outside above ground near your office. Investigate fresh food delivery if you are in an industrial area or whether or not you can pick up something on the way into work such as sushi and a salad with healthy protein. Change your lunch habits! If you are at home managing the house hold – take  a break for lunch, make an amazing salad or healthy option and enjoy this. Stock the fridge with healthy snacks so you can always have a good option on hand. Check out the FOOD link for healthy tips.

4. Do body weight exercises. Get your core strength engaged, work muscles that support your whole body, improve your posture and get fresh oxygen flowing. There will be a free link to download this at the end of the post. NO EXCUSES! Or go do it right now 🙂 Just click on the product and put the code MOVE into the shopping cart. Download your PDF from the screen when you have completed your free transaction.

5. Be accountable – lead by example, remember this is your one body – do not leave it another week to ‘ get started’. If you are a parent, a leader in your workplace or your community are you setting a great example of others about  balance, performance and healthy living? Are you demonstrating that you appreciate your weekly life and make great choices for long-term health. If not – why not? Get started with the first 4 points above and you won’t look back. Need some motivation or how to get started then have a look at my MINDSET section to get ideas and tips.

In my podcast this week I will be talking about abundance and why health is the new wealth. A timely way to look at bringing your wellbeing balance sheet into the positive and how you can start to create new healthy habits to replace the old.

The wonderful thing is that with very small incremental changes at work and home you CAN change your life, your health and your outlook. Remember to leave me a comment or a question if you are getting stuck!

Happy moving guys!

Your Vitality Coach

Nikki x


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