Seventh Heaven

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Seventh Heaven with Six Senses – The Key To Active Living

Are you operating on your full potential or just at half measure? Are you fully engaged with living in the moment, sight, sound, touch, hearing and taste? We have the most incredible finely tuned system but often forget to engage all our senses.

In the last week I have experienced seventh heaven by truly engaging all six senses. It made me realise that I was missing some important elements in daily life back home. The ironic thing is that I did not fully appreciate what that meant, until I arrived at the actual Six Senses Laamu for a retreat week with Ben Wilson and The Perfect Wave.

The combination of natures blend of ocean, views, wildlife, colours, fresh herbs, tastes; artfully interwoven with incredible music, lighting, service and the most heavenly accommodation suspended over the water.  This truly activates all six senses.

I often talk about ‘autopilot’ and living life on a set system without actually being aware of your body, mind, surroundings and engaging in the elements.

This can be as simple as having a personal trainer and not remembering any of the exercises you do together, heading to work in the morning but not really noticing the journey on the way, or just existing in your body without really connecting, understanding and making the most of your full potential mentally or physically.

  • Our body communicates with us constantly, but often it’s messages are left unattended, until we notice illness or injury. If we tap into our potential we can experience something truly amazing on a daily basis.

I call it Active Living.

  • No autopilot but really being aware of you, your surroundings and how everything is interconnected.

My Six Senses rejuvenation: Nothing prepares you for the view when you wake up  in your over water bungalow, in the middle of the indian ocean.

A boat ride out to the sandbar with Marc from Ocean Dimensions and our crew are deposited on pure white powder sand with crystal clear turquoise waters, baby black tip reef sharks swim in the shallow break, turtles and small coral beds are dotted around. If you are a water person like me, amazing ocean locations can spark an incredible feeling of peace and harmony. For some people it’s the same with forests or mountains. Whatever you gravitate to  – nature can be an incredible calibrator.


This Six Senses Laamu took 2 years to build and is 2 years old. It’s made from 90% recycled materials sourced in the atolls and the remaining 10% is wood/pine from New Zealand. The resort boasts 360 degree views of the ocean, eco ‘low carbon’ dining experiences, a marine biologist on site, a specialist water sports centre, diving, snorkelling, surfing, stand up paddling, windsurfing, kite surfing, yoga, a gym and an incredible spa with views of the ocean and SO MUCH MORE.

Do not pack shoes.

As soon as you hop onto the transfer boat your shoes are given their own mini bag and stay there for the remainder of the trip. Each villa comes with 2 bikes to get around the island  and you also have a personal concierge called a ‘GEM’ who assists you for bookings and questions during your stay.

Six Senses Cyle

Hammocks are positioned over the water on your balcony and around the resort. Everything is centred around the ocean, synergy with nature, and an extraordinary level of attention to detail. Seamless luxury.

Although we are working here it is an incredible pleasure to bring together all these wonderful elements and have these incredible facilities as our “office” for the week. Early morning shoots, surf trips, fresh divine food, and ample amounts of down time for guests to enjoy the resort, make this an incredible lifestyle week.

Putting it into practice:

There is an art to creating a magical environment. Architects design for it, retailers adopt it, restaurants strive for it and hotels and resorts build their business around it.

So why don’t we consider the same six senses should be engaged at home? Here’s how you can get started:

Recreate your mini six senses at home with these 6  tips:

  1. Sight: Lighting – consider dimming lights, using candles and avoiding digital lights in your bedroom from computers and alarm clocks. Use lighting to create an environment that is welcoming and soothing if you have a busy day. Avoid TV at night and consider reading or just relaxing listening to music as a change of pace.
  2. Sound: Music – use music to influence the mood. Chilled out sounds for the afternon and evening to relax and up beat tempos for the morning. Music has a direct effect on how we feel and sound is one of the strongest sensory systems in our body.
  3. Touch: Consider the pillows and fabrics you use for your bedlinen, cotton and soft textures, a comfortable seating area at home to lounge and relax. Clothes that you wear with pure qualities can feel amazing. Book a regular massage and recharge your body.
  4. Taste: Fresh Food – employ the fresh is best philosophy. If you can’t grow your own mini herb garden,  shop at markets, choose fresh food frmo menus and select ingredients that are more nature based than processed. The fresher the food the better the taste.
  5. Smell: Herbs and Spices – Cook with fresh herbs and spices activating the sense of smell and let that take you on a culinary journey to different places and cultures. Consider burning organic scented candles in your home or office space that are subtly infused. As with all senses it is personal so if you are in a open plan environment check with those around you before you start putting incense and scented candles everywhere.
  6. Perception: Space – rid your house/workspace of clutter to allow for a better energy flow and nicer environment that can create mental space for your own creativity and organisation. Engage your ‘Six Sense’ or perception,  by giving yourself peace and quitet to listen to your body. Spend a few minutes tidying and filing your desk area at the end of each day, consider storage and display systems at home to show your prize possessions and allow a sense of calm in your home.  Take a moment to meditate in a quiet area. Build in Water/Nature elements: If you can’t head out to nature every day then select imagery , natural materials or photography that provides a wonderful ‘window’ to nature.Be inspired by places that rejuvenate your ability to connect and appreciate nature. Take some of the aspects home with you to create an environment that supports you living to your full potential.

Health & Happiness

Nikki x

  • If you’d like to join Ben and I on a VIP Lifestyle Week next year then send us an email to and we will follow up with more information.
  • If you have questions or would like to share how you incorporate six senses in your daily life then I’d love to hear from you.

For more about the Six Senses Resorts then click on the links above or below.  For more photos and behind the scenes this week check out my instagram , Ben’s and Stu Gibson our photographer.





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