Self Acceptance 5 Steps To Get Your Groove Back

Why Wait

Every morning we get a chance to create a new day that contributes to our goals, vision, dreams and wishes. Depending on what those are for you…

If a key area in your life is to be fit and healthy  – and to be your personal best, then it’s crucial you take a step back and start accepting and loving the body you’ve been given.

Fedex is not going to be sending you a new one tomorrow.

For the most part there is an alarming lack of self acceptance for body image no matter what our age. Marie Claire AU recently wrote that most women do not start to accept their bodies until they are over 45. I am pretty sure that the same goes for men. They just don’t openly discuss it as much.

As a life and wellness coach I see this element daily. If only we can pay a little more attention to our mindset and to be grateful for what we have,  the journey to looking and feeling fantastic can be a totally different experience.

Body image, self acceptance and confidence is a huge issue that I certainly can’t tackle in one blog post. However I will be sharing some amazing stories, experiences and view points with you on my podcasts and this blog,  from clients to those in the spotlight, how they have overcome a negative body image to embrace and love the body they have – for amazing results. I’m hoping to share some of my tips on how you can bring your mindset and view of your own body image back in line with your positive goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Starting in our teenage years:

IMG_0436A while ago I was presenting on personal branding and wellness at Faye Rolph Models Academy, to a young group of teenagers. 6 girls and 1 boy aged between 15-17. Budding actors/actresses and models. We spoke about first impressions, goals, healthy eating, exercise and having a positive mindset.

The last area we covered off were barriers or negative aspects from themselves and the outside world. 99% of the responses revolved around body image “too fat, “too skinny”, “not tall enough”, “ugly”, “funny shape”, “beanpole” and many unmentionable words that were thrown around at school in bullying.

  • They couldn’t talk to their parents as they were too embarrassed
  • They couldn’t talk to their teachers as it was uncool and embarrassing – and “nobody cared”
  • They just had to mull it over each day in their heads and worry about going to school every morning.

If we didn’t tackle these mental barriers during our workshop and get them out of their heads and onto paper,  they were going to get worse and create a lasting impact on the self acceptance and confidence levels of this young group.

For many people the negative body image and lack of self acceptance starts as young as 10 or 12 and carries through until mid forties or more. Some are confronted with an illness or accident that puts everything in a “new perspective”. Why wait for that to happen and ignore one of most important aspects of inner peace and balance.

Accept you/and your body now.

Making a change. Here are 5 steps you can start right now:

Whether you’re 15 reading this or 35 the effects of negative self talk are the same. Your body will manifest what the mind tells it to. So it’s time to work on your mindset and get your beliefs truly aligned with your personal goals.

1. Align your mind: When you write your personal goals on one side and then list the procrastinations or “little voice” barriers that pop up on the other side you will start to see your mind and beliefs may not be aligned. Achieving personal goals and milestones is fast tracked when you believe that you are worthy of accomplishing those goals  – from your very centre of self belief. Don’t scratch the surface.

  • Take some time to get to know your own mental barriers – how ever they got there, recognise them, write them down and work on banishing them for foot.

2. Practise positivity daily: Getting in the zone means a daily practise, you need to re-train your thought process and build a consistent habit of banishing negative thoughts as they come up by replacing them with something you are grateful for.

3. Surround yourself with positive people who support you – Your own dream team. Go seek them out if you can’t think of any at the moment stop and think:  who do you admire at school or at work that could be a mentor, could you talk to your family or friends with a different approach and ask them for their support and share a goal together?

  • Get your kids involved in a positive manner by having a chart on the fridge that rewards actions for healthy eating, exercise and being positive. Have them put a star next to your name when you display those actions as well.

4. Putting it into perspective: There are always people worse off than ourselves, we need to consider the bigger picture and really realise what potential we have and that it’s up to us to bring that to life.

If you can get up off your chair, make a phone call, lace up your running shoes, swipe your gym card when you feel like it, have a job to go to and have full use of your body then you are way better off than many others out there! Start living your life with gratitude and conviction.

  • Make moments to give back to others and create time where you can support those that need it to. Sign yourself up for a challenge with a friend and remind each other what you have to be grateful for.

5. Fine tuning your best: Work those assets! There is only one you. Seriously. No one else can copy that or compete with that. So celebrate your best assets. If you are tall embrace it, strong then be proud of it. Have you worked on bringing your best assets to life with fresh food and fitness to really see what your body is capable of?

If not – then get onto it. Find a challenge that is completely out of your comfort zone and go tackle that. You will be surprised what you are capable of. Once you master those physical challenges you’ll have a new-found confidence and connection to your body.

  • Being fit and healthy is not just about how it looks on the outside – but how well you are on a cellular level. You can get that invincible glow!

Next steps:

For tips on creating real tangible and PERSONAL goals (i.e not someone else’s life) have a read back at my earlier posts about goal setting or the podcast.

For how to find a dream team of people who can support you hop back and read this article or on finding a great PT –  listen to my podcast on the top 10 traits of a great personal trainer.

For the power of awareness then one of my original podcasts with the Ironman Trevor Hendy will show you the power of awareness

  • Read a story of positive body image with the wonderful Jessica Smith from Join the Revolution
  • Overcome the “should & could have” talk and replacing it with the ” I can and will” language.
  • Tune in on to my podcast episode 13 featuring World Champ and all-round inspiration Layne Beachley as we talk about the role of empowerment.

Living your best life is an organic process.

There is no switch that automatically fixes everything at once. It’s a constant daily balance and often means you are coaching yourself through when it gets challenging. A few tools, an amazing network and some straight talking advice can be liberating.

It’s never too late or too early. Nows a good time. #whywait

Health and Happiness and please feel free to comment and share your journey

Nikki xx

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