Reverse Mojo© Mastering The Magic Of Sitting With SELF

TMM142 Welcome to this weeks Mojo Reverse Mojo© Mastering The Magic Of Sitting With SELF

I read a quote the other day that said challenging times don’t make people become someone, they show you who they truly are.

To an extent, I tend to agree. I do believe extreme circumstances can build character – but the other side of this is you really get to see peoples true colours when the chips are down. Are they in or are they out.

When people are faced with a crisis, their actions show their values. As Elvis famously once said – values are like fingerprints, you leave them over everything you do.

You may be surprised by some people around you, their response and how they tackle these last few weeks. It’s always good to observe. However, I ask you – not “what do you think of how they handled it”? – but what are YOU doing to take care of your own side of the street?  

Are you tapping into your own potential?

How are you using this reverse mojo down time to really reflect, review and realign what really matters? I call this The Internal Audit.

I bet, like me – you are fully engaged in work and life and are constantly asking a lot of yourself and the environment you operate in. Personally and commercially. So when COVID-19 hit, it may have thrown you for a second, but I’m gathering it also presented an incredible opportunity for you to do an “audit” on everything.

The one thing many people I have spoken with didn’t realise – is this audit was an inside job. Anyone can look at their budgets, the foundations of business and the economy – but what if this is deeper than that?

We might not like to admit it – but it’s not the banking, the govt or the health system we are questioning. There’s a little voice inside that’s questioning your own system. Our relationships, what we have built and who are are at the core of it all.

The universe, the laws of nature, the laws of our states, the way we work, interact and conduct our day to day lives got fully turned upside down. So, when all the proverbial change has fallen out of your pockets, what are you left with?


There’s no turning back.

Good luck if you think you can un-see now….You will be forced to look at whether you are hanging on to the comfortable past stories – or have the courage to truly step up another dimension and define what great looks like.

The past is only an anchor if you refuse to cut the string to the stories that bind you there.

Whether it’s business or personal patterns – you will be asked to review and refine. What worked for you before probably wont work in the new future. Look up, not back.

Step One Decide: Drivers vs Passenger Seat

I feel there are always opportunities to use life as the ultimate rally. Rail, hail or shine there’s something special around every corner.  

What’s your default position? Reasons why not or (self talk) or the knowing you just can’t not go and see what’s around the corner (self).

Whatever programming may have got us to this point in our lives – I can guarantee you right now, if you’re working with me or listening to my show then you’re been challenged on many of those old conditions, ways of thinking and belief systems on how you validate who you are and what you do.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you were someone who preferred to sit around on the fence of “maybe land” dreaming and not doing.

  • You’ve always been the black sheep to some degree. The pioneer, the thinker, visionary, the “crazy” one.
  • The idealist, the creative, the entrepreneur even. 

The problem is now you can’t go back and pretend, be complacent or do that great job of ‘fitting in’. Whatever title you gave yourself before (the life of the party, the thinker, the rescuer, the empath – what ever role you played so well, will have you feeling at odds).

Something deeper inside won’t let you keep doing the same thing. It will start to loose it’s kick that it used to give you.

Personality and intellect may have got you to this point. However there is a far more powerful shift at play.

– One that will enable you to fully access a greater sense of knowledge, peace and energy than ever before.

– A whole other dimension they don’t teach you at school or in an MBA…..

Let me loop back:

All through the ages there are catalyst events that shape destiny and how our world works. Pandemics, wars, natural disasters, political events – always something to shake the status quo.

I’d like to remind everyone that for many months and recent years people have been complaining about how busy life was, the running around, the rat race, the long hours, commuting and wanting more time for self or to spend time with family. ..Then BOOM! Introducing COVID-19 and isolation rules. Wish granted. Whether you liked it or not.

Suddenly we were all faced with ourselves.

Many generations before us have gone through crisis after crisis. When my grandparents were living in the war – there was no wifi, mobile phones or online shopping facilities to stay connected to friends, family, the world and access essential services or just buy sunglasses if you felt like it.

They had to get resourceful. To apply a deep sense of survival and belief that forced an entire new set of skills, outlook and sense of survival. We had to get resourceful. To make our own coffee at home, select a background theme for our Zoom calls and suddenly become teachers at home for our kids.

We are all in the same storm – just different boats……you can choose your boat at any time – for it’s all about perspective.

What’s next:

We are coming out of the stricter isolation rules and embarking on a slow emergence back into the general population again. Retail is opening up, public transport are putting more services on and the restrictions are being lifted.

This is going to sound strange – so forgive me as I do want businesses to thrive and the economy to boom in a healthy and real way. However part of me is curious… have we really learnt our lesson yet?

Are we going to emerge from forced hibernation with a conviction to truly break our co-dependence on convenience. Not just convenience with things – but with relationships and people as well.

Are we willing to truly grow into our fullest potential.

– To access all the senses, skills, independent decision making, talents and greatest gifts? 

– To be the pioneers and the leaders in our ecosystem we were always supposed to be. Not on the surface but totally congruent.

Are we able to master the real ability of SELF.

– To gracefully recognise what to not bring back into our lives out of habit and old conditioning.  

– To not be on autopilot any longer – but to be FIRMLY in the drivers seat.

This means stepping into the unknown and letting go of the walls of the “devil and discomfort we know”.

You are the master of your destiny.

Don’t look over your shoulder or expect someone else to be the co-creators. We are at the forefront. You’re it.

It’s not title dependent. It’s s sense of belief, value and something that will drive you to create change in your life whether you like it or not.

Yes it will be uncomfortable. You may feel more isolated in your thinking for a while but you will fast find more likeminded people around you the collective energy and vision comes together. You know what I am talking about already.

So don’t ignore the SELF – the quiet intuitive voice that is quite simply asking you “why not, go on, back yourself. 

  • Open your heart to access life times of knowledge that sits with the heart atom NOUS**. Trust.
  • Learn to distinguish that from SELF TALK – the noisey, over active ego conversation that is desperately trying to run the show, confuse and over inform. It likes to be chatty, redirect your choices and grab the steering wheel. Keeping you stuck going round and round in circles in the rally you know. Fear.

As we kick off May – I will be sharing more of the HOW you can do this – to sit in TRUST. 

Bringing to the forefront my models on Quantum Decision Making™ techniques. How to hear the voice of SELF, over self talk, to learn the physical feeling that confirms you are in FLOW and the difference between information and intellect….

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Change is constant – it’s whether you’re open to evolving or not along with it.

Before I sign off from this post – a special tip of the hat for the current leaders I work with.

Your grounded vision, the techniques we have deployed, the exceptional approach based in calm and integrity has been incredible to witness over the past weeks as we navigated COVID-19 together. Something we were already in training for. Accessing the next dimension of illusion free leadership.

So powerful, and I am so very proud of you all. Thank you for your deep trust and for leaning in.

So to all of my Monday Mojo© tribe, thanks for being there on this journey. I am here right in the trenches with you. I look forward to being your guide as we evolve into the very best versions of our selves, our lives, work and the positive impact we can have on those around us just by truly stepping into ourselves.

A sense of purpose is a privilege (Billie Jean King)



**The sun has an atomic central nucleus, which is the Atom Nous. According to spiritual development his atom is the first vital centre which functions in the fetus and also the last atom which stops living in our organism. This atom contains the mind, life, energy and will power of the human being.


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