Respect The Body You Have to Create The One You Want

Embrace the Body You Have Nikki Maldives Pic: Stu Gibson

In a world rich of imagery, social media, inspiring images and fashion led styling we can easily get focused on what everyone else has – rather than what we have already got ourselves. I like to call it Generation Exhibition.

Are we spending too much time LIKING everyone else’s body images and not actually loving our own?

How can you build your own confidence and respect your own body if you are constantly comparing it to everyone else’s – especially ones you may see in magazines, on the TV and online.

There is a poignant difference between being inspired to be your personal best and wanting to replicate something.

I want to dedicate this little soapbox session to those of you out there who are struggling to believe in yourselves; as you constantly compare your body image to others on Instagram, Facebook, other social media and in magazines. It’s going to be OK. You’re already wonderful – you just need to start giving yourself some more LIKES.

The first rule has to be respect. FEDEX is not going to deliver you a new body tomorrow so, maybe it’s time to start appreciating the one you have, and look at how you can be your healthiest, happiest version of you.

If you are drawing inspiration from incredible role models that is fantastic. I believe key for industry leaders in health, wellness, business and lifestyle is to show a healthy approach to looking amazing. It’s also personal choice as to who inspires you, and why. Here are some top 5 tips:

  1. Think about your body type – everyone has a different shape so be realistic when you look at images of those who inspire you – find people who match your ‘frame’ if you are going to look at refining your own fitness and toning.
  2. Beauty really does come from within – it’s an old expression and a very good one. Start by giving yourself positive affirmations daily, respect your body and have role models that shine from the inside out. Are they authentic, do they practice what they preach and do you follow those two rules for yourself as well?
  3. Keep perspective – a top model or athlete has a different daily routine to yours. Avoid comparing yourself to others, but focus on the ‘inspire’ factor and combine that with looking at how you can make positive changes in your daily life to increase health and wellbeing and your fit factor. Looking fantastic takes work and action. It can’t be last on your list.
  4. Listen to your body – don’t ignore the signs when your body is tired, worn out or not nourished. Rest, relax, eat healthy or change your exercise regime to fit seamlessly into your life
  5. Respect your body – treat it with healthy food and exercise you enjoy – it will reward you in return.

I am on Instagram and other social media platforms daily, I love posting images, workout tips, recipes, travel locations, success stories from our LAG fit family. I love being inspired by others, sharing experiences together (it’s a fantastic platform if used correctly).

I am also realistic. My goal is to become my absolute personal best, to test my body and see what it’s capable of, to balance life and goals, to be real and to be authentic.

Respect the Body You've Got

Respect the Body You’ve Got

For better or for worse, all my images we use are raw files, no photo shop (EEEK)! – including those published in my monthly article for Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine. When I’m presenting, running workshops or a retreat I want people to meet the real me, and not see a difference from on paper/online to in real life.

On the first of June I will be announcing a new personal goal with a dream team of 2 incredible inspiring women. It will challenge everything in my life, my routine, my fitness, my mental fortitude… and the fact that women can’t read maps.


I want to practice what I preach. To inspire my clients that you are never to old to develop your potential physically and mentally, that new goals are not about winning but about the experience, the journey and those you can connect with along the way.

While you are reading your daily social media updates, getting inspired and feeling motivated to change – don’t forget to respect the body you have, in order to create the one you want.

Be true to you!

Health & Happiness


As always, I would love to hear your stories of triumph and inspiration from within. Post a comment, share or email me direct

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    Hi Nikki just saw your segment on get away, how can I get info about the 4day retreat package please?

    • Nikki on May 25, 2013 at 12:56 pm

      Hi Trish! You can jump online to and click on the Bodibreaks image on the right or use the drop down menu. Rates, dates, info and an online immediate booking form is all available. You can also contact us any time by phone 0431 342 349 or Look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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