TVC_HAMMOCKINGATHOMERelax 101 – “Perfecting The Art of Hammocking”

Hammock – derived from the dutch word Hang Mat – or hanging mat!

I think we should all have these at home. Why wait till you get to a desert island before you recline with a mocktail in your hand, take a big long deep breath then sit back and relax?

As a hyperactive, overly energetic person I consider relaxation an art. Anything to do with slowing it down, recalibrating and taking a break, is paramount for me to balance out my life. In the past months I have been delving more into yoga, concentrating on breath and the power of a relaxed state of mind.

Whenever I am lucky enough to be working from Namotu Island Fiji  – it all happens effortlessly. I sat back and chilled in a hammock, at the end of the day, perched near the end of the island.

beach-hammock-natureInstantaneous relaxation. Is it the slight swing when you pick up your feet and stay suspended in mid-air, is it the breeze that filters through the wide weave or the fact you can’t really help but fold up into a jello-like state; sitting upright is not really ideal in something that wants to fold you like a pretzel?

Perhaps, it’s the combination of all those things.

Bearing in mind the view I had last week “hammocking” was pretty spectacular – a white sandy beach, surfboards racked against the beach bar, some good company and lap of the ocean hitting the island as our background music. All-in-all it was paradise.

We all head off to wonderful places on holiday, or in my case I get to head off to these places for work – what if we could bring some of those chill elements and “holiday” moments back home and integrate them into daily life?

I say, do it!

So, I tested the art of hammocking back home and I’ve got to say the suspended element worked just as well on my balcony.

Want to do the same? Here’s my 6 tips for perfecting the “art of hammocking” at home:

  1. Find a nice cosy corner or area on your balcony/even in doors you think you could attach a hammock or a suspended egg chair for example. Check the size of this space and even better – measure it properly!
  2. Go to some local markets or home-wares store and have a hunt for some hammocks you can test out – there are different styles and price brackets. You need to find the one that suits your style of hammocking the best
  3. You can buy online once you’ve found a style of hammock or hanging chair that you like. Installation is important (if you’re renting a place please check before you drill holes in the wall or ceiling…) If you have posts, trees or places to tie your hammock this is ideal – especially those of you that have backyards and gardens. Follow the instructions 🙂
  4. De-clutter the area – allows more room for casually swinging as you contemplate life and sip on your coconut water, also creates a sense of space and calm.
  5. Don’t rush into a hammock – maybe best to put drinks and other items down as you gently ease into the hammock – especially if it’s narrow – otherwise there is a danger you can do a complete 360 and fall out the other side (written from experience with drink in hand). Depending on the type of hammock you probably want to sit first then swing your legs up – once again personal choice and there’s no need for speed.
  6. Create a holiday for yourself at home. Take half a day or even just a couple of hours where you put on some chilled music, make a smoothie, get all comfy and grab a book – or just close your eyes and let the hammock work it’s magic.
So to wrap it all up:

Sometimes it’s a small moment in time that can work wonders to balance out your week, to recalibrate your thoughts and let all the “noise” of the outside world dissipate.

It’s not the length of time you spend “hammocking” it’s the fact you place yourself in that cocoon in the first place. Time can stand still, even for a nano second and you can just be – suspended in body, mind and soul. It’s pretty cool once you’ve given up tossing and turning and just let yourself be folded up like a pretzel.

The only thing you need to master for “The Art of Hammocking” is making sure you can get into one on a regular basis. The rest will take care of itself!

Enjoy, have fun holidaying at home

Coach Nikki



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