Reboot Your Mental Hard Drive

Hi guys and welcome back to the Vitality Daily Edit. The reboot! I started to bring these mini express session videos onto my blog as of today,  after many of you wrote in asking for them to be transcribed.  So thanks for the feedback, love that and here you go! 

I’m back in Australia. As you can see in the video, it was beautiful day.   I was out walking Roxy and have been writing a new chapter at the moment for my 3rd book. This chapter is all about the importance of rebooting your personal “hard drive” to create space for mental and emotional high performance in business and in life. 

You know that little circle all the time that you get when your computer’s not working properly?  It slows down and it can’t perform to its optimum?

It’s exactly the same for our mental capacity as well. Just your computer folders get full and you’ve got outdated software on your computers, we get outdated mindsets as well and obsolete info that takes up mental storage space.

When our brains are over taxed and cluttered we become:

  • Anxious
  • Unclear
  • Torn between old ideas and new ones
  • Tired mentally and physically
  • Slow to respond

Think about your own mental hard drive being like a computer drive. We need to reboot every so often.

When we regularly take time out to re-boot our mental hard drive we pave the way for:

  • More creativity
  • Space to think and process challenges and solutions
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • The ability to assess with a fresh perspective
  • Have updated mindset and view points 


Reboot your hard drive


Pause and Reboot Regularly

Don’t just wait for the end of the year. I like to sit down each week and take a little nano-break to really cleanse from the week. To think about the ideas, the experiences, the intellectual data and things that I need to really write down and keep, and what I can just let go of.


You need to ‘turn your brain off’ in order to keep restarting it in its best capacity, which means de-cluttering from old mindsets. Stop having stories about things, people, or places that just aren’t relevant anymore. They’re taking up valuable space that’d allow you to be more creative, make better commercial and personal decisions, as well as have a healthy mind, a healthy body, a healthy spirit.


Visualise a Virtual Clear Out

Regularly  time to optimise your mental and emotional brain space.

  1. Declutter – wind down before you start up
  2. Refocus – what is truly important now
  3. Update your ‘software’ – disconnect to reconnect. Don’t just wander around on “sleep mode”.

What folders do you really need to keep in your brain?

What files, what ideas, what stories, which templates, what software’s are really going to help you moving forward? Let go of all the things that are outdated. All the ideas, the bits of information that you just don’t need anymore, and follow your intuition more than the stories in your head.

The way I do this is by creating some quiet, no devices and no music and mentally tap into my thoughts, ideas, concerns and old content I just don’t need. Then I visualise deleting them. It’s a powerful tool. The best place for me is by the ocean or in nature, I also can create mini areas of space and time out even when travelling. Find your own mojo for this – as long as you are uninterrupted. I also like to create a space at home as well. 



Make the Reboot it a Discipline

Like all things that work well they need to be done consistently. Practise the art of planning, of pausing and of being in charge of what information and ideas/mindsets you choose to store in your own mind.

This is a very valuable asset of yours – so be selective.

Our capacity for learning and growth is quite unbelievable. We just need to allow the space and time to pursue knowledge, insights and hold on to experiences that truly allow us to be our personal best.

That’s my healthy, wealthy, wise message for you on today’s Vitality Daily Edit.

Have a great day and  don’t forget all these videos are on Vitality Coach TV on YouTube. Just head to the Vitality Daily Edit playlist. 

See you next time.


Yours in Ultimate Vitality and buckets of Mojo






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