RAK it Up 10 Random Acts Of Kindness

RAK it Up – Random Acts Of Kindness 

Every week I send out Monday Mojo to my Vitality Subscribers – and I love the feedback. THANK YOU. So I wanted to share some positive vibes with you all and hopefully inspire you to RAK it up this week and beyond.

For the last 7 weeks I have been doing random acts of kindness, so far I have:

  • shouted 37 coffees (or ‘paid for’, if you don’t know Aussie slang)
  • paid 2 cab fares for random strangers – weird as that happened twice in one week..
  • given up a window seat front row on the plane ( which I really was looking forward to)
  • donated a bunch of nice clothes for women going for job interviews who were starting out again
  • paid for 3 meals for a table of aged care absolute strangers who I thought deserved a surprise cause they were just so god darn sweet and had the best stories to tell.

On top of this I’m sure there’s a bunch of random other stuff like sitting down and chatting with neighbours, taking rubbish bins in and carrying groceries – but it’s all fun, lovely to do and increases my feel good factor beyond imaginable.

Sometimes people are so surprised a) they think it’s a joke at first..and often they cry (really) as they’re b) so moved you even noticed them or did something generous. I find that I direct a lot of my spontaneous acts of kindness towards elderly and those people who really look like they could do with something nice in their day. However it’s just as powerful with people you know at work and even at home. Broaden your reach and create a positive ripple effect this week.

No grand gestures just the small nods to others – some of whom you have never met and may never know. That’s OK too. Whether it’s buying people coffee in the line behind me to picking up someone else’s groceries and helping them to the car;

Simple gestures go a long way…Live with awareness and a sense of abundance. There is more than enough to go around we just actually need to demonstrate generosity more often.

So what’s stopping us all from doing this more regularly?

Is life just too “busy”?

There is a view that we are losing connectivity to others, our awareness and respect, our decorum, and that there is a big trend to be inward focused.

runaustraliaroxyAdd to that we’re so attached to digital devices, to goal setting, and motivation for success, that we may be losing track of what is truly important on a day to day basis. Even though I love what I do and enjoy building my company internationally, I absolutely am dedicated to enjoying the journey, being grateful for the here and now.

For me, that comes down to living with heart, living with passion, and being truly connected and very present.

If you’d like to join me in RAK’ing it up and adding some feel good factor to your day and your week;

 Here’s 10 quick Random Acts of Kindness ideas

  1. Saying hello to your neighbour! Do you actually know the people who live around you well or just going about your daily business without really ever acknowledging the people around you?
  2. Ask an elderly person if they’d like to have help with something or try letting them go through the door first as a sign of respect – sounds odd but you know what I mean.
  3. Walk someones dog if you know they work long hours and the dog is home alone all day or at night
  4. Buy the person behind you in the line a cup of coffee
  5. Leave a post-it note with a ‘thank you’ message for someone who helped you out at work
  6. Go through your closet, find clothes that are in good condition you don’t wear anymore, and give them to a local organisation trying to get people back on their feet and into the workforce
  7. Offer to mentor someone for 30 days
  8. Plan your week with your partner and offer to get the kids ready for school 2 mornings so they can get some extra sleep or do some exercise perhaps
  9. Learn the names of the people you work with AT ALL levels. Say hello to the security guy at the door, find out his favourite hot drink and surprise him one morning with that as you walk in
  10. Give up your seat on the plane, train, bus or what ever for someone who needs it more than you do.

Remember kindness doesn’t cost money.

Put your phone down for a couple of minutes, look three centimetres up, be respectful of others and see where you can be a beacon of light in someone else’s day. 


Yours in Vitality


PS:I’m overwhelmed with the response of my Random Acts of Kindness post about helping Fred out at the Sunglasses Hut by paying off his lay-by.

Random Acts Of Kindness

It was a spur of the moment decision and you can find the story on my Facebook page.

 I’ve always done RAK and try to be a good human, but to do so to this degree now, and to see all of you get inspired and to hear all your stories and to get all the Facebook messages, the direct messages, the comments on Instagram, it’s really blown me away.  THANK YOU for sharing back and being so supportive. I love this.

Thank so joining in a sense of vitality and leadership by example. Every bit counts.

If you have a RAK you’d love to share or if someone did something wonderful for you recently leave me a comment below and I’ll share them on Facebook.

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