Staying healthy at home – quick tips on how you can keep fit and find your routine at home for your personal wellbeing and a little extra mojo.

I wanted to give you a little update this week on how you can stay ‘vibing high’ at home.

If you’ve been in what is called “social isolation” at the moment and you feel that you can’t go and do your normal routines. There are many, many, many apps and opportunities for you to stay fit and healthy at home. 

Here’s some top tips on keeping it simple at home and check out my fitness videos for yoga, strength, body work, kettle bells and more!

This is a bit of the life norm for me because I haven’t had a gym membership for probably 20 years, but some of my viewers from Instagram said “Give us your tips for how you can stay in shape and create a routine with work when everything has been driven to a “virtual lifestyle” at the moment.”

So here you go:

Your Body Is Your Temple – Take Care of It

The first thing is remembering that your body is a temple. Your health and well being is a priority all the time that alone when there’s something going on like a pandemic. It shouldn’t just take a pandemic for you to start thinking about looking after your health and eating healthy. So if it does, well, please continue. 

In times of crisis, how you treat your body really affects how you mentally deal with stress.

So exercise is extremely important for the endorphins and releasing the positive chemicals inside your bloodstream to keep you vibing high, and to ensure that you fit and healthy in mind body and spirit.

This is a great opportunity for you to shift your routines and your personal knowledge and start looking at how you can understand the incredible things that we can do with our body physically, mentally and spiritually just without even leaving home.

The first thing is think about setting up a small mini gym environment in your home. 

Keep It Simple

For example a yoga mat, some hand weights, some resistance bends and a good bit of music to have in the background and you have a mini gym.

For me I have a spin bike in my garage, and a whole mini gym area set up because I like to do different activities. Yes we have surfboards and skateboards and bikes and things that I can use around the neighbourhood as well and my team can use these during lunch breaks or just to get fresh air sessions. 

Nature is your Gym

If you’re in a cold country, perhaps you’ve got a set of skis or a snow board or some tally mark in there, but getting outside and using nature at the moment so not gyms, not enclosed areas, but nature is a fantastic workout. It’s also really, really great for you to get fresh oxygenated blood through that system. 

The best way to do that is to be around nature and trees and fresh air and sunshine.

Your body really, really needs it. So if you can, please utilise that. Secondly, you don’t need a lot of time to work out. If you’ve always had a problem with self discipline when it comes to working out, just do my 1% rule. 

Use my 1% Rule

That’s 15 minutes a day is 1% of your day. You could do a 15 minute Alo Yoga, a 15min walk, a little body weight routine like the WakeUpWorkout©.

  • You could do meditation. 
  • You could do some core work, some flexibility. I’ve got so many fitness videos on my YouTube. 

I will be putting a series of fitness videos every single day on my Facebook and Instagram with what you can do to just work out at home with no equipment required. 

Don’t forget your pets need exercise, too.

You don’t even need weights to do good workouts. You can start really rediscovering how it feels to be fit and healthy without any equipment. So the other thing I’ll be giving out, there’ll be a link below to get a free copy of the wakeup workout PDF. 

That’s a series of small exercises that you can do at home and they really, really work.

Get a free download of the WakeUpWorkout PDF HERE

Or hop on to YouTube and you can go to yoga, you can go to bodyweight exercises, you can go to fun games even to do with your kids. 

So there’s a quick 5 minutes on being fit and healthy, why you are recalibrating during times of “lock down”. How you look at your fitness and how you look at being well.

Because everything you need is right in front of you. 

You don’t need to go anywhere.

So be at home, enjoy it! Build a little gym, do 15 minutes a day, make it a part of your routine, get your kids involved, walk your pets, and also get outside. It’s so important.

Remember, I’m here for any comments and questions.

You are in the driver’s seat of your life. Be responsible for yourself, that extreme ownership is what’s going to get you fantastic results.


Don’t look elsewhere because at the end of the day, you’re the one that can make a difference.

I hope this is motivating you and thanks for tuning in. I’ll be in touch throughout this week with little top tips on Instagram and my YouTube channel.

Until next time, stay happy and vibing high.



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