MINDOVERMATTERAre we suffering paralysis from over analysis? What happened to “just do it”?

Over the past months I have delved deeper into the whole foods discussion, sustainable eating,  watched countless movies on the truth about where our super market food really comes from, signed up to PETA, promote  active living daily without fad diets,  and actively  try to follow a ‘sustainable’ healthy living plan – for body, soul and planet. Ultimately actively living a lifestyle that truly reflects using nature as the best way to stay fit and healthy.

The funny thing is after reading numerous books, watching videos like FOOD INC, Vegucated, Food Matters, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, reading the China Study, going back to my old Optimum Nutrition notes, supporting animal welfare, the RSPCA and other like-minded initiatives  – I felt ‘blocked’ on what to write about next.  There was just too much going on and I couldn’t focus.

Paralysis by analysis!

Chatting to clients I realise they have the same situation when it comes to health and fitness choices.  There is so much information out there that they doubted their own decisions and never got around to taking action.

So for this blog I decided that I would put my own words into actions. I wouldn’t wait for the incessant rain to stop my fresh air sessions or for someone to tell me one cause was better to support than the other. I would just get on and DO IT.

As soon as I made the mental shift  – I had put mind over matter and kept it simple.  I felt excited, free and full of energy to get things moving.

In one day I finished my e-book, sorted through photos for my next article, wrote a pre-production list and finished the exclusive retreat program for the Little Black Dress Group , as well as made the decision to divide up a small charitable donation between my top 5 charities that month. Cue a nice link to @miraclebabies who actually made that possible with the way they set up their donations.

It is important to note that donations and supporting charities is all about personal choice and you can provide a one off donation, provide your time, work skills or other things to support as well. Also the ‘support 5 idea’ is for those that have many areas they would like to make a difference but don’t have a lot of budget. It’s more about just getting off the couch and deciding to do something rather than letting a moment you could help, pass you by.

I have 3 key charities that I provide a greater amount of support, time and donation in a more official capacity – but every now and then see something that resonates and so figure a little bit is better than none at all.

Hands Up For Miracles

Hands Up For Miracles


Are your over thinking exercise, diets, charity, catching up with friends and how to be an inspirational leader in your team – then try some of these tips  to just do it:

  • Lace up your shoes and get out the door – regardless of the weather
  • Don’t feel like running, then just walk!
  • Call a friend and book a gym/yoga/walk/run date
  • Take your dog for a walk – or offer to walk someone else’s who you know doesn’t have the time
  • Find 5 causes you feel passionate about and donate $5 each per month instead of just 1 and feeling disappointed you can’t support the rest
  • Share healthy eating by cooking for others – become their source of inspiration
  • Bring a salad or delicious healthy dessert if you are a guest at a friend’s house
  • Sign your work team up for a charity run/walk and make a program that supports a charity of choice you vote on – or divide it up to your top 5 EVERY BIT COUNTS
  • Throw out all the fad diets mixes, elixirs, artificial sweeteners, toxic tonics and anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce – get back to basics with FRESH FOOD and ingredients that is as close as possible to its natural state. Your body will thank you for it!
  • Being fit and healthy should not be expensive, it is a mindset not a ‘gymset’. It is a way of life that is integrated seamlessly into your day without too much effort or tuning your life upside down – just get moving. Play with your kids, explore the city on foot, visit farmers markets on the weekends and start reconnecting your taste buds with what real whole foods taste like.
  • Celebrate all that you have rather than focusing on what you can’t do
  • If in doubt – walk it out. Put all your thoughts on the back burner and just go get some fresh air.

Actions speak louder than words – so after all the goal setting, planning and wish listing from the new year it’s time to start living, sharing and celebrating what you believe.

Make time to let your intuition be heard, if you are forcing decisions or over analysing you are wasting valuable time of actually living.

March is for momentum – take one step forward and the rest will follow. You don’t need all the answers at once.

Health & Happiness from the ‘soapboxer’ 🙂

Nikki x

Useful links again to the videos and books and some other charities:


FOOD INC the movie 


The China Study

Aim For The Stars




  1. Phil Rees on April 15, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Thanks Nikki. This article motivated my wife and I to get out and just run last night!

    We hope to make it a regular date to keep our fitness up!

    Thanks Phil.

    • Nikki on April 29, 2013 at 9:47 am

      Hi Phil thanks for the great feedback – how is the new regime of ‘getting out the door’ going? Hope you are enjoying training together. Heath & Happiness

  2. […] more tips on goal setting then hop onto my other posts Paralysis by Analysis or Goal Setting […]

  3. Kirsty Keating on March 3, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Totally spoke to me today – thanks Nikki!


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