No Gym Required  5 Benefits To Working Out in Nature 

Nature is our playground. We all know that exercising regularly is an important part of keeping healthy in mind, body and spirit. A true Fitpreneur.

But, did you know that exercising outside in the natural environment can be one of the best ways to exercise to really make the most of all these benefits?

There are a number of reasons why getting outside to your local park, beach or even your own backyard can give you some great fitness results.

 1. Use muscles you may have forgotten about:

Exercising outside gives you a better chance of engaging your lesser-used muscles than simply working out in the gym.

 – The natural inclines and declines of the hills of your local park mean that when you run, you’re activating more of your gluteus and hamstring muscles, and your legs are having to work harder to propel your forward.

Basically, the more challenging the terrain you’re exercising on, the harder your muscles will have to work to sustain an efficient work rate.

Parks and playgrounds also have a great range of equipment that you can use for toning your lower and upper body, as well for as building muscle, depending on your individual goals.

For example, you can find a park bench and do a HIIT session of step-ups, tricep dips, and hill sprints. These are a really awesome way to get resistance training in, build cardio conditioning and you can incorporate them into your walk or time spent with your kids for a family fresh air session. 

2. Being in nature allows you to workout without realising it; 

Getting outside for your exercise sessions instead of hitting the gym can boost your mood, strengthen your immune system and increase your energy levels.

One study found that exercising outdoors was associated with “greater feelings of revitalisation, increased energy and positive engagement, together with a decrease in tension, confusion, anger and depression.”


 – The fresh air and out of the bright lights plays an enormous roll on your endorphins, oxygen levels and overall sense of vitality. getting out of air conditioned and heat controlled over head lighting environments is crucial for our wellbeing.  A good healthy dose of Vitamin D is essential for our immune system, healthy bones and cellular wellbeing. 

 – Being outdoors exposes you to fresh air and sunshine – and as vitamin D is one of the fat-soluble vitamins essential to strong bones and a happy mood, it’s well worth hitting the beach for some sprints, push-ups and body-weighted squats. Just remember to avoid exercising outside during the hottest part of the day (usually between 11am and 2pm) and always stay well hydrated, making sure that you rest when you need to!

Nikki and Roxy After Yoga outside

3. Nature’s gym can save you $

Exercising outdoors doesn’t just have physical and mental benefits; it’s also great for saving money and meeting new people.

An outdoor gym is the perfect place to do this, and there are a few you can find to begin your workout.

Heading to the park or beach for your workout doesn’t cost a cent, and will potentially save you thousands of dollars a year that you might otherwise be spending on a fancy gym membership.

4. Social in Scenery

There are also loads of outdoor boot-camp groups you could think about joining, that are a great way to get fit and meet some new people with similar interests and goals to you. Workouts are always better when they’re done with friends, and it makes being motivated to head outside on some of those colder early mornings much easier! 

Social and it’s about meeting like minded people. Swop your catch ups over wine with friends to a workout together first.

5. Fresh Air provides you a fresh perspective

Take your gym outdoors as a new perspective  – even in cooler weather with shorter days and longer nights there are still ways to incorporate nature as part of your fitness routine. Use the weekends to go further afield or try something new, enjoy exploring a new city on foot if you are traveling for work, get up 30mins earlier and do an express workout around the local park or area you may be staying. 

Exercising provides so many benefits for the human body in terms of keeping us healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Having a few sessions a week of exercising outdoors is a great way to boost your mood, keep your body fit and get out to enjoy the beautiful natural environment around you.

Above all else – to be fit, healthy, active and recalibrate mind, body and soul nothing beats nature as your gym. It may take you places and give you a new lease on wellbeing with a fresh approach to being healthy, wealthy and wise.

Yours in Vitality

Coach Nikki 

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