No Excuses Healthy Eating: Super Salad Of the Week

Nikki's Nutrition Tips No Excuses Healthy Eating: Super Salad Of the Week

Thanks for the feedback lately guys and all the positive responses to my blog posts. I know you would like to see more recipes so I’ll include a favourite recipe or meal that I make each week and share it here. This means you have no excuses to eat healthy and get inspired to try your own dishes!

Why salads? If you’re like me an on the go all the time, have a busy schedule, or travel a lot for work then you may find that getting access to real fresh greens and crunchy raw ingredients gets a little bit limiting. The first thing I do when I get home is stock up on local fresh produce and make some super nourishing salads and smoothies to increase my nutritional intake and recharge the immune system. In the Northern Hemisphere and reading this with a giggle to yourself about having salads in the middle of winter?  Then I would suggest making them as a side dish to your heartier winter dishes, serve as an entrée or top the salads with your favourite source of lean protein such as organic beef, chicken, fish of Tofu.

Fresh Tomatoes

My Super Salad of the Week is Rocket, Mango & Goats Cheese

What you’ll need (choose farm grown local/organic produce if you can)

Fresh Mango
Capsicum (Peppers)
Hard Goats Cheese

Macadamia Oil (I use Brookfarm, it’s delicious) Try their chilli infused macadamia oil too.
Cracked Pepper
Bean Sprouts
Roma Tomatoes

For Protein think about grilled tofu, organic beef or chicken or grilled salmon on top of your salad.

Carb mix: I like to use quinoa or pearl couscous for a change from rice for example.

Nikki's Mango and Rocket Salad Making the Salad:

  1. Rinse and dry off any fresh ingredients so that it’s ready to eat
  2. Slice up the fresh mango into small strips and set aside
  3. Place the rocket into a large bowl
  4. Chop the carrots, capsicum and tomatoes up into nice bite size pieces or slice on an angle to get fancy. Mix all these ingredients in with the rocket.
  5. Crumble the walnuts into the bowl and slice your goats cheese with a cheese slicer into thin strips (if you have the soft goats cheese then just crumble this into the salad)
  6. Once you have gently mixed this through then serve onto a plate and place your mango slices over the top
  7. Add any protein choice
  8. Drizzle with macadamia oil and add cracked pepper

Tip if you are taking some for the next days lunch then add the macadamia oil once you have put your salad on your plate – dressing it all first can make it soggy and not keep as long.

This is a 10 minute meal from prep to plate so don’t get too hooked up on how it all looks if you’re cooking for one or two it’s an easy addition to a main meal or just an energising simple refresher.

Health & Happiness and enjoy the simplicity of fresh is best

Nikki x

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