Nikki Fogden-Moore

Nikki Fogden-Moore

Nikki Fogden-Moore – The Mojo Maker©

Author, Presenter and Coach for High Achievers



Known as The Mojo Maker© Nikki Fogden-Moore specialises in working with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high achievers in creating the ultimate work life blend. With over two decades of experience in bringing both personal and commercial vitality to life. 

Nikki is the go-to coach, and only one of her kind that has the credentials to bring Health, Wealth and Wisdom to the table and is a global expert in her field.

She divides her time between private coaching, corporate workshops and programs, boardroom sessions, bespoke retreats and presenting. 

Nikki’s experience comes from owning and operating several successful businesses – she was head trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness for 4 years – writing, filming and editing all content and programs, and has held senior executive operations, strategy and marketing roles as well as managing global accounts since leaving university.

Her corporate clients include CBA, Westpac, Bridgeport Energy, Volvo Group, Shingle Inn, Mantra Group, Peppers Villas and Resorts, ING, Kronos, Fresenius Kabi, Servcorp, Piper Alderman, Scentre Group, PakNSave, Foodstuffs NZ, Elizabeth Arden, 

A long-time mentor for the Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation and supporter of Men’s Mental Health and Outside the Locker Room. Nikki is committed to creating an authentic and tangible roadmap for all those she works with and strongly believes in the power of practicing what she preaches and making time to give back.

 A self-confessed nature junkie, you can usually find Nikki somewhere outside adventuring if she’s not in the boardroom with her clients. In fact Nikki’s clients often opt to visit her at her Noosa Residence and have their meetings in board shorts and the view of the ocean. 

Nikki’s personal mantra: Think Like a CEO, Plan Like a Visionary, Act Like a Buddha©

My Promise

To provide a succinct and tangible road map to take her clients from chaos to calm, and from average outstanding – and keep it that way.

To continue to build on 25 years of experience, to expand my thinking, ignite the next level and surround myself with others who never settle for anything less than remarkable.

My Intention

To continue to work with and support inspirational global thinkers who disrupt, engage, deep dive into their purpose.

To empower these leaders to build, grow and evolve their businesses and personal life with purpose and passion at the absolute highest level. 

To engage in meaningful, intelligent discussion with my clients in regards to the impact we can create with how we lead, what we are committed to and broadening the reach and impact for a greater good, commercially and personally.

My Point Of View 

You don’t have to turn your life upside down to create the one you want – healthy, wealthy and wise go hand in hand. 

My vision is about empowering my clients and those around them with inspiration, knowledge and support systems to make the best possible choices for their long-term wealth, health and wellbeing – bringing both business and personal vitality to life. Providing tangible, engaging and sustainable results with a clear Road Map personally and commercially, these have been  tried, tested and proven for over two decades internationally. 

To me companies are the new communities. It’s lonely at the top and genuine visionary leaders need more support than ever. When you unlock a few simple tools you end up living the life you love. I enjoy showing people how to do that and empowering them to make great decisions to be their personal best in business and in life. I’m not your ordinary coach – I see outside the box, deep dive into commercial and personal roadblocks and remove old outdated beliefs so that the true potential can come to the surface with clarity and conviction.  I like to call it working in the 5th Dimension.

I believe in bringing  energy, purpose and being fully present in this world, and I have learnt to fully embrace the fact that I am no ordinary coach, thinker or individual – that my unwavering conviction for what I do, who for and why drives me with such a sense of purpose it is electric!

This quote is one I most love and live by:

“If you don’t design the life you want, you’ll get the one you’re given.

In The Trenches

Over the past two decades Nikki has lived and worked globally at the highest level, and at all times enjoyed blending her experience with health and fitness alongside business and commercial coaching.

Career Highlights:

  • 20 years global advertising and communications as Head of Strategy
  • Founder Project Pro Extreme Athlete Management Agency
  • Founder of Life’s a Gym
  • Pioneered the CEO/Boardroom retreat kicked off in Europe in 2004 called the Bodibreak©
  • A finalist in the MyDeal Australia Influencer of the Year
  • Pro bono role as COO for the Myubi Foundation 
  • Mentor for the Layne Beachley Aim For The Stars Foundation for over 7 years 

Nikki is the author of VITALITY and FITPRENEUR with her third book #ADULTING due out in early 2020; and is a regular contributor for Huffington Post, Australian Financial Review, CEO Magazine, Marie Claire and other leading media.

 A top ranked iTunes podcast “The Mojo Maker Show” has been downloaded in over 85 countries, Nikki has been a featured expert in Business Insider, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Courier Mail and Sky Business News.

Nikki’s Programs 

  1. The Vitality Road Map©
  2. Fitpreneur – The New Breed Of Leader. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. How to be the CEO of your Life as well as your Business
  3. Management Mojo© – Capacity, Connection, Contribution
  4. Leadership Mojo© – Vision, Values, Leading From Within
  5. #Adulting. – The Seven Steps To Go From Chaos to Calm. How leaders can stop overwhelm and sit firmly in the driver’s seat for sustainable success
  6. The Leadership Legacy Lunch©
  7. The Boardroom Retreat©

Other products and models

  1. The Winning Week© – The fast track for super achievers to bring balance and connection back into life
  2. The Wake Up Workout©- her signature 5 exercise express workout – for all levels
  3. The 1% Rule©
  4. The 4 Checkpoints and the Pit Stop Frameworks


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