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Welcome to a no-nonsense approach to finding that magic art of work/life blend for sustainable success. To being the CEO of your Business as well as your Life.

Billie Jean King says famously “that a sense of purpose is a privilege”. It is my purpose to work with extraordinary leaders and the highest performing organisations to shine the light on the darkest of paths, to reignite the sense of vision and vitality and to look at all dimensions in decision making - unlocking their truest potential.

- It is no accident after my 25 years of combined commercial and wellbeing experience, that this is my role in all I do.

- It is with a sense of tenacity, focus and dedication that I'm proud to work along side some of the most remarkable pioneers and leaders in life.

We understand that getting to the top is one thing - staying there effortlessly is a complete other matter.

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Yours in Mojo

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If you love the adrenaline in life and yet have lost your mojo, this book will get it back for you, and then some! I already sold my business and was in the middle of the next adventure when it all went downhill. I learned to embrace all my experience and have a totally new sense of purpose—getting to know my ‘ego’ was a huge step and has been a game changer. Nikki will get you to the podium, then ensure you stay there!
Chris S | CEO, San Francisco

Do the work with Nikki and you’ll never look back. The confronting thing is you may feel like everything you thought was the right way to approach your life beforehand, you may turn that around completely. That’s where this is so awesome. I was challenged, encouraged and empowered. Nikki knows her stuff—she deeply cares and is the deliverer of the ultimate truth carrier. Be ready.
Scott M | Partner in Law, New Zealand

There is no going back once you start working with Nikki. We thought we were pretty self- aware but she helped us unpack the stories we told ourselves that were holding us back, helped us uncover what we really want and realise that we deserve to have all that and more.

Working as a couple with Nikki has been a seamless way of enriching our life journeys together. We are now operating from our true selves, with more confidence, creativity and heart than we ever thought possible. Our children, our families, our relationship and our businesses and community have all benefited from our growth.

It’s been confronting but Nikki has been our champion, guiding us through with complete honesty, love and support! This book will be the ideal navigator for you. It works.

Paul & Deniker S | Media, Managing Director/Chairman Tasmania

I’ve always prided myself on having a positive attitude and always finding a solution when the chips were down. Then I just found I couldn’t get myself out of the darkest spot—nothing was working, work wasn’t working, family was something I was avoiding and I couldn’t seem to make any clear decisions.

Nikki’s roadmap, checkpoints and step-by-step approach gave me an incredible re-route. A lighthouse in the storm—and I never stop using these tools now—they have shifted my perspective and my results.

If you can’t coach with Nikki, this book will be the next best thing!
M Hoffman | Founder and CEO, London

I have worked with Nikki for the past two years and I would have to say I have never felt more supported or believed in by anyone. My journey with Nikki has been an evolution,
from a more tactical operational plan to get back in the driver’s seat and integrate life fully the way I want, to a very spiritual, intuition-based, decision-making framework.

Nikki has challenged me to continually let go and create space, which has been a big lesson for an A-type, always-on personality.

The realisation that things are meant to be when they are in true alignment and happen with ease and grace rather than brute force has been life-altering for me. I truly feel that I am in the driver’s seat.

I feel grounded and more connected to my higher self and my purpose than ever before. Thanks, Nikki, for your belief and unwavering support and commitment.
Alexie OB | Advisory Board, COO, Melbourne

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Nikki Fogden-Moore, known as the Mojo Maker™, specialises in Quantum Coaching for the world’s best leaders. She works with CEOs, entrepreneurs and high achievers on what’s next to create value-led commercial and personal success.

The ultimate high-performance expert, Nikki’s decades of experience lie in truly blending both commercial and personal acuity. Described as a rockstar in her field, she is innovative and passionate, has a unique ability to thrive in challenging environments, and is renowned for practising what she preaches. Nikki engages in next-level thinking to create harmony and purpose. Using her business and wellbeing expertise, combined with a proven set of highly accurate intuitive skills, has made her a remarkable coach and asset to her clients in and out of the boardroom.

Her models, such as Winning Weeks©, The Truth MatrixTM, QDMTM Series and The Vitality BankTM, are proven tools for both teams and individuals in leadership.

Nikki is engaging, empowering and authentic in her experience and commitment to her work and clients. Author of Vitality, Fitpreneur, The Wake Up Workout™ and creator of The Quantum Decision Making Program™ for extraordinary leaders, she divides her time between private coaching, Corporate Vitality, Boardroom Retreats©, and writing and hosting her podcast, The Mojo Maker.

Working with Nikki, you will find an extraordinary coach and navigator who excels in showing the blueprint for what is next and remarkable, and for bringing fresh ideas to the table that are relevant and sustainable.

As well as having a Bachelor of Commerce and over a decade’s experience in advertising and global brand strategy, Nikki was head trainer for Women’s Health & Fitness magazine.

She is a regular contributor to and often featured in business and lifestyle publications such as the Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald, Body and Soul, BRW, The Australian, Channel 7, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Inside HR, NETT Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Women’s Health & Fitness, New Idea and Australian Financial Review.

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