Nature’s Playground – Why Life is Your Gym

Imagine you are sitting in a hammock, on the edge of a sandy beach that tapers off into turquoise water. The wind has died down, you’re tired from the days’s activities, of being outside all day – just playing.

Nature is your Gym on Namotu

Nature is your Gym on Namotu

Everything aches – in a good way. In fact you have discovered muscles you never knew you had. You’ve lifted your body weight several times, held your breath longer than ever before, swam like your life depended on it, been towed around on a surf board, paddled over reefs and enjoyed fresh sushi, salads and as many raw coconuts as you can handle.

Today you trained strength, flexibility, agility, cardio condition. You were adventurous, inspired and replete. Today – nature was your gym.

The more you tune in with your body and start to remember the elements of functional fitness, the more you can make life your gym. Working out does not have to be confined to a gym or with certain equipment. Nature can be an inspiring training partner and backdrop to reaching your fitness potential.

It’s all about a simple philosophy that is the back bone of Life’s a Gym. Our mantra: Fresh Food, Fresh Air and a Fresh Perspective.

Whether you’re an ocean lover or are drawn to the mountains and snow – there are ample possibilities to workout, without even realising it. Once you start using nature as your gym it’s pretty hard to stop.


Surfing A Great Way to Keep Fit

Here are my top 10 get out the door activities that will work your heart rate, your muscles and your agility:

  1. Surfing
  2. Running/Trail Running
  3. Mountain Biking/Cycling
  4. Kite Surfing
  5. Stand Up Paddle
  6. Rock Climbing
  7. Yoga (outdoors)
  8. Swimming (ocean or lake)
  9. Skiing/Snowboarding
  10. Kayaking/Surf Ski

If you’re ocean mad then there is one spot on earth that should fulfil your sporting and vacation dreams at the same time – Namotu. I am lucky enough to be there for 3 weeks a year running a signature retreat with pro kite surfer Ben Wilson. It’s a magical spot to be.

Kite when it’s windy, surf when it’s glassy, stand up paddle, snorkel, wake board, dive, water ski and enjoy the beach for sunrise and sunset yoga. Hang your suspension straps to a palm tree and get some extra functional fitness in while you are there. Your total gym on your own island for the week. Magic!

What’s more, places like Namotu attract like-minded people – no matter what their age, level or skill or country of origin, they are all coming together to experience the best of natures playground.

Find Like Minded People on Adventure Holidays

Find Like Minded People on Adventure Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to get one of the spots on the Celebrity Lifestyle Week this year, then you won’t go home empty-handed. Top up your outdoor fitness inspiration with kite surfing with Ben Wilson and all things ocean with Ironman Trevor Hendy. Learn about clean eating and natural ingredients for fantastic tasting meals with celebrity chef Pete Evans. Join me for ocean swims and sunset yoga. Capture your week with one of the worlds best surf photographers Stu Gibson and you’ll be holidaying like a pro.Most of all this is one week that encapsulates using nature as your gym. Fresh food, fresh air and plenty of like-minded people who enjoy every aspect of being fit, as a natural part of daily life.

So next time you’re struggling to motivate yourself to workout – head out the door and use nature as your gym. Lace up your running shoes or grab a wetsuit, jump on a bike,  book a stand up paddle or surf lesson and make your next holiday an adventure and full of activities.  Inspire your friends and family. You won’t even know you’re working out!

I look forward to seeing you either on the slopes, in the swell, on a desert island,  or in the countryside; making the most of outdoor fitness.

Health & Happiness

Nikki x


What to get involved?

Celebrity Lifestyle Week July 06 - 13

Celebrity Lifestyle Week July 06 – 13

Check out our Signature Series Bodibreak packages with some  classic ultimate retreat dates in Noosa, plus fantastically inspiring celebrities  – including Emma Snowsill, Layne Beachley and the Fiji Kite Weeks with Ben Wilson

If you’d like to join one of the weeks  then please email the lovely and we can get right back to you.

For inspiration on races to do outdoors or a new goal then head to

Kokoda Challenge and Other Links direct to our Bodibreaks

Photos included by Bill Morris

Nature is your Gym on Namotu


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