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Welcome Back to another Monday Mojo© – Play On Purpose.

This one focusing on the importance of small elements in your day that are crucial to enjoy the journey in leadership and life – no matter what is going on in the background.

No matter what age, title or stage in life don’t forget that play is an essential ingredient.

Someone once mentioned Be a work-a-frolic rather than a work-a-holic.

For those of us who thrive in what we do and all the ups and downs and long hours – we are connected to the now and ensuring that our own vital ingredients as leaders are not ignored.

Mindset is so powerful and a sense of responsibility can take you easily off track – overwhelm can set in and then the happiness factor can plummet as a result.

How about focusing on PREHAB not just rehab.

Leadership in any nature is a lonely job at times and our role in communities is to support those around us and accept that everyone’s journey will be different.

My genuine enthusiasm for what I do transfers across everything in life so that outlook ensures I get to cultivate work/life BLEND daily.

However, like anyone else I get tired, and often my passion and purpose for the work I do can supersede what normal hours are!

I know my limits and ensure that there are certain elements which enable that extra workload to be more enjoyable and that I am not mortgaging my health  (with a stubborn “have to do this now” mentality)…

You Are Your Greatest Asset – Don’t Wait 

No matter where you sit in your career, no matter how old you are, no matter what responsibilities you have, you are your greatest asset.

If you’re not enjoying this rally of life, if you’re not suited up, ready to go, knowing your resources and having those vital pit stops, then chances are you’re going to crash and burn and you’re just not going to get to the podium.

When have you last had lots of fun and I mean consistently as just part of your day? Simple things that nourish you back? 

Life happens, right?  

Even if you’re in stressful situations, you might be negotiating a joint venture, changing around your board structure. You might be going through end of financial year, or changing staff. Maybe you’ve had a new child. You’re moving house, getting married, getting divorced …

  • How do we navigate this to ensure we thrive and don’t crash and burn along then way?
  • What are the most important things when you’re going through this high octane landscape of life that we all live in.

A)  Accept this is life as it is – busy, full, ever changing.

This pace is never going to change, right?

Most importantly you set it, you determine it. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Know they self. 

  • I’m one that puts a lot of pressure on myself  –  I work at a very high pace because actually I really enjoy it. 
  • I like the veracity of my brain power. I like the change in pace and the breadth of the work that I do, it really inspires me. 

If you love that pace ensure you put the same effort into the activities that build your health, enable great sleep, make you laugh and add value to your weeks overall.

B)  Don’t wing it.

I have a few vital ingredients that make sure I really have ”moments for Nikki” so that I have fun along the way.  4 key things I 

  • Great Coffee
  • Small bits exercise – even if it means walking fast through the airport it’s still moving…
  • Sleep and good hotels that I trust
  • Flying with the same airline so I know I always get looked after especially in very long days and gruelling travel schedules 

Do you know yours? 

ie. I always find good coffee no matter where I’m traveling to. I usually get up early in the morning and go on the hunt,  one of my rituals to do. A great way to do some exercise, explore the city I’m in and grab my coffee someone new.

The other thing I do is I make sure that I have my own ”sanity and self care” rituals when I travel.

  • I pack certain teas I love
  • I always pack running gear
  • I grab early nights when I can – There are certain cutoff times when I know I’ve been doing too much and around too many people. So I just have a night in and I won’t extend a meeting for a late dinner as I know my rest is important. I’ll have some personal time to myself and I’ll watch a movie or catch up on some silly show on Netflix that allows me to just switch off completely.

C)  Incidental exercise.

Do things you love. Sports and fun are really important as well and they shouldn’t be a chore. When I travel or run retreats I always get amongst as many of the water sports and activities I can in between meetings and sessions. Or I get up early to play tennis, do yoga and dip in the ocean or the pool. Sets the day off right and it’s soul food as well. 

Try something new!

If you’ve been watching me on Instagram, you know that I got given a skateboard by one of my clients. So that’s what I did this weekend.  It was a blast!

D) – Play On Purpose

Schedule it in your weeks like anything else. The tiny things in your day that make you smile. 

The people around you that light you up, the moments that really give you a grin on your face because you are in life in that moment.

It’s not about escaping or waiting for a grand vacation.

It’s what can you do daily without fail. That adds that little bit extra of oxygen, that little bit of extra mojo. It could be listening to a great podcast, doing something creative, spending 15minutes of ME time before you start work or at the end of the day. 

So how can you put all of this into action?

Play On Purpose as a leader, for me has three vital ingredients.

Play On Purpose #1 – Do what you love. 

Play is tiny little things that give you a smile. A great coffee or conversation, hoping into your favourite car, seeing your kids off to school, presenting a pitch with great success, working on vision and creative ideas, taking your lunch break for the gym or yoga and feeling great afterwards..

It could be diving in the ocean on a weekend, it could be going to play tennis with friends.

Whatever it is that puts an aptitude for fun in your day is essential for sustainable success.

That’s not just work. Get organised, jump out of bed, get yourself ready for your day as a whole. You know, every single day that we have as a gift, go do something with it.  Be productive not “busy”.

Play on Purpose #2 Embrace the people who light your heart up. 

Don’t take them for granted. If someone just fills your heart up and they make you feel fantastic that is both work or personally then they are like a tonic.

Find your dream team in all areas and cultivate those relationships.

Really value the people that are close and connected to you and part of your success.

Spend more time with people that you naturally have a good synergy read through rather than trying to force yourself to sit in a room or sit in a meeting when you really don’t need to be there with people where there really isn’t a gel.

You’ve only got 1,440 minutes in a day. If you can make choices who we hang out with and who we work with adds an extreme level of value to how you actually roll out your life.

Play on Purpose #3 – Be Present

Happiness is not a “maybe” it’s a co-requisite for you as a leader to ensure that you are leading by example. That you’re enjoying the journey – authentically energised.

Life throws everything at us. But it’s your perspective on what you do on a daily basis that you understand the life’s always going to have some curve balls.

You only have as much time as you do right now. You’ll never have the past and the future hasn’t happened yet. So be present.

It’s never too late….

There’s no age limit and there’s no responsibility limit that says, well just because you’re a CEO or C-suite or you’re a Dad or a Mum, that you have to put yourself last on the list because of all these responsibilities that come with having a serious job.

A serious job is life. A serious job is who we turn up as regardless of our title, our age, our situation.

So I encourage you, no matter how old you are or what title you hold, to ensure that you have play on purpose in your world.

As you read this: 

  1. When’s the last time that you allow yourself a bit of a laugh? Schedule something in for next week, today and tomorrow you love. Share that to double the effect. 
  2. When’s the last time you consciously choose what friends you’re going to catch up with? The real deal positive ones who are interested in what’s next not issues and the past.  –  Not those who are always calling to pitch in on the drama and make themselves relevant by that (misery loves company and you’ll never get into a better place if thats the basis of a friendship).-  I’m talking about the mates/friends and family who live the 10/90 rule with you and focus on the great elements and what’s coming up.  You don’t have much free time so what do you want to be talking about when you catch up with people? Choose wisely.– Our energy expands so the more airtime you give to negative aspects the more that fuels the fire. Acknowledge it, deal with it, don’t push it down then, move on. This is so important as our vibe attracts our tribe. So if you’re indulging those conversations chances are you probably want to stay stuck a little longer and those stories give you validation. Be brave – take a leap of faith and focus on the great (even if you don’t know how to get there just yet). 
  3. When’s the last time that you put yourself first in your weekly thoughts? No more excuses. You must fill your own cup.
  4. What’s one thing you’re going to do this week that adds to your element of play to your work day?

If you’re planning your winning weeks where’s the play aspect?

Keep it simple.

To wrap up play on purpose

Remember part of your winning week of being healthy, wealthy and wise.

It’s understanding that your vital ingredients, your way of recovery, rejuvenation, recharging, reinvigorating yourself is putting a big smile on your face. 

Enjoying the journey that no matter what’s going on in your week and what responsibilities you have;

  • you’re really making sure that you’re filling your own cup up
  • you’re putting your own oxygen mask on and that you are suited up and ready to go because you enjoy the ride.

So I encourage you play on purpose.

Don’t make it grand. Don’t wait for the weekend.

Integrate it into your work life blend because you’ll never look back and it will become apart of your winning formula for sustainable success.

Where ever you are today and how ever tough know you’re not alone, we’re all connected on this planet.

Above all else never forget gratitude of the little things that can make up your day – it’s the small daily habits of positivity that add up to a confident and more enjoyable journey.

#yougotthis.  Life has no remote. We must get up and change it ourselves.  Lead the way. 



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