Monday Mojo How To NOT go crackers at Christmas

The “crazy” has kicked in.

With a couple of weeks until Christmas and I don’t know about you, but I know emotions are running high. Everyone’s pretty tired. Triggers are out there, this is the time when people are walking on eggshells…or drinking eggnog pending what part of the world you’re in :).

They call it the silly season for a reason.

These next three weeks are going to fly by.

So chances are if your kids are tired because they’ve had a whole year at school and activities, you’re probably tied too,  because you’ve been a whole year being you and ADULTING.

That is exhausting stuff.

So first up, accept you may be tired! Yup….you’re human.

In this Mojo, I talk about how you can avoid going Crackers at Christmas and glide your way through for a rejuvenated break!

How to gracefully step away from triggers via people, places or things. 

– To keep it simple and avoid any family and friends drama by keeping what’s really important in perspective.

– Some easy reminders on keeping your own side of the street happy and in a positive zone no matter what is going on around you.

– A gentle hint that being PRESENT is better than just a load of gifts and ‘presents’ in many cases. Relationships really count.

We spend a lot of time putting all this pressure on being perfect, on trying to do all the right things on constantly working on something or someone or being something or someone.

My gosh, phew!

So just take the handbrake off a little bit.It is already enough. You are already enough.

3 tips to do yourself a favour in the next couple of weeks:

Take the pressure off yourself a little bit – you’re not going to “finish” everything before you break up for the holidays. Last time I checked you were not a robot?

Stop trying to be perfect at everything. Life is about the rally and the freaky moments we go ‘ phew that was close  – but what a ride’. Nothing is ever perfect – we are always learning and that’s where the joy is.

Remember being around family and getting towards the end of the year, in many cases the emotions and triggers/things that set you off are probably going to be a little bit more fragile than normal. So just don’t engage. Besides what ticks you off in someone else is usually a reflection of what you may need to work on yourself. Go judgement free. Much less exhausting.
And….This is a season when we should be giving back.

Celebrating the fact that we’re all here doing our very, very best in this world. Your friends and family (close and extended) are so important.

We are not defined by how much we give someone, the dollar value. We are defined by how much significances we give ourselves and others.

So be present.Let go this week.Have some fun.If you need to enjoy those office parties, be safe, stay well and most of all. Let your hair down :)It’s okay to be a kid – laugh a little. Dive bomb someone in the pool. Race someone down the slopes this NY.
Let yourself glide into the rest of the year and go, wow, “I did a really good job”.

There is so much to be proud of.

Look up and look around you and think this life that you have is pretty amazing.

It’s the last year in this decade that is very, very significant. So don’t race into it with your eyes closed, all scrunched up about how hectic your weeks are.

Say hi to your barista – ” thank you so much for all the awesome coffee”.
Hug your friends and loved ones more – it’s so cool to be kind.

Stop accumulating things, and hanging on to people that aren’t in the highest and best vibration for you – graciously be discerning. Let others flow in their own way and you in yours.

I hope today inspires you to keep your eye on what really matters.  You can have all the riches in the world,  but if you’re not enjoying your time and who you spend your moments sharing it with then you’re missing out on the real experiences this wonderful world has to offer.

Reach out if you need extra Mojo, I’m always here to help.

Yours in Mojo
Coach Nikki x

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