Monday Mojo –  3 Ways To Give Back This Christmas

Christmas can be an overwhelming time of the year so Roxy and I just had a quick message for you on the 3 things we do to give back at Christmas in your community. 

The 3 Ways We Give Back Are: 

  1. Positivity
  2. Donations to animal shelters
  3. Giving to others in need

In this weeks Mojo we share a little more detail on how our giving time, significance and the simple things that we often take for granted – can quite simply create a big impact for others.

I write about this topic frequently or do the odd mini mojo on the go about random acts of kindness. I thought it would be a nice reminder to dedicate this weeks Monday Mojo to the 3 very things we will be doing from our team this year.

“because to me leadership in life isn’t about collecting stuff and showing who’s got the most toys without a blend of sharing these things and the journey.  It’s about creating moments, providing our time, leading by example and demonstrating care to others”.

1: Give Back With Your Mojo – Be Genuinely Positive

Number one focus, is your immediate neighbourhood, friends and family. Just being a really good human around everyone is actually really nice way to give back.

I know it seems crazy and very simple. But usually people are so full of complaining and talking about the things that are going wrong  – that it drags energy down and keeps a negative cycle oxygenated. 

  • Be the natural spark and don’t force a fake happy  – but let your own gratitude radiate out. And it will naturally flow on to others. No force feeding required. 
  • We can easily redirect the conversation or a moment with our natural appreciation for what we have right now. Just having a sense of play and joy to live and a love of life is really, really infectious.
  • Words have wings so spread good things. If you find people talking about others make sure you’re not a part of that too. It’s low vibrational and won’t help anyone. Instead lead by example and avoid pitching in on those conversations. Better still – shut it down with a “lets worry about our own world not other peoples”. 

Replace drama, gossip, whining or “lack” – with gratitude, growth and being present.  Lead a genuine approach to positive view on life.

Be that person for your friends and family.  Just be the epicentre of your own positivity. Let others handle their own mojo.

& ….allow yourself to have fun. One of the things I love to do during the holidays is spend loads of time with the kids in our street  – skateboarding and swimming and surfing – I know it seems ridiculous but it is loads of fun. 

I do want to remind you about putting your oxygen mask on first and being sure you’re congruent in your best self.

Being a martyr and giving out your energy and time without focus and purpose, or to people please,  is a slippery slope and it won’t help in the long run. Be discerning of where you put your energy going forward and do that really really well.

2: Donate to Animal Shelters

Roxy is part of our family so we love to support the welfare of animals, we can’t adopt more dogs at the moment (I wish!!). 

Buying a puppy or an animal is a full time commitment,  like having another family member. If you can’t adopt then perhaps look at supporting your local animal shelter and “adopt” the care of an animal or animals in need. If you go to zoos  – why not support instead the animal sanctuary spaces, places and people who are actively involved in reducing harm to animals and increasing animal welfare.

What we do at team Mojo is drop food off at the RSPCA at Christmas, and provide older towels and blankets etc as well. 

By doing this with your kids – you can contribute to all the fantastic places in your community that are actually doing great things to rescue animals, rehabilitate them and educate.

Adopt don’t shop and maybe look at fostering an animal first to get a real feel for the responsibility.So many times  puppies or kittens are bought for Christmas presents and then they end up at a shelter at the end of the holidays – it’s just so heartbreaking.

So be a good citizen, be a carer of animals if you can’t give 100% to own one. 

Either way you’re creating change and supporting a local cause.

3: Giving Back To Others in Need

There are a lot of people in the neighbourhood who don’t have family.

Our elders in retirement homes,  children without families. Victims of domestic violence that are in shelter homes. We have our homeless in most cities throughout the world.  Or consider random acts of kindness in your every day activities.

There are many people who don’t have the fortunate things that we have in our life with the roof over our head and the ability to go and do whatever we feel like.

We often take simple things for granted. So the little things really count such as food, shelter, clothes and giving time and significance to others. 

This Christmas reach out to local charities set up to support this for you.:

  • Take some clothes to donate to your nearest Vinnies or Salvation Army etc.
  • Wrap presents for children in need 
  • Go to your local retirement homes and check with the reception and management if you can spend some time talking and sharing a cup of tea and a conversation with those in there who are on their own.  Listening to those who  have paved the way for us that have been the fabric our community maybe we were even born – those experiences are pretty special.

Giving your time and others significance: your time and energy consideration and gifting to those in need.  There are always people there who need help and would love your support.

So there’s my 3tips for giving without leaving your community. I hope this post has given you three really practical tools on how you can spread some Christmas cheer and charity in your own postcode.

If you’d like to leave a comment about how you give back, that’s terrific – please do.

I’d like to repeat my last Monday Mojo message again as it ties in with today – our hearts and experiences matter. 

​​You can have all the riches and things in the world,  but if you’re not enjoying your time and focus properly on who you spend your moments sharing it with,  then you’re missing out on the real experiences this wonderful life has to offer.

Reach out if you need extra inspiration on how to stop being stuck (the past) and really get working on what matters (i.e the Now and Next). I’m always here to help. 

Yours in Mojo for leaders in life



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 inspire you to keep your eye on what really matters.  

Other articles and podcast on my blog that link to giving back and how you can do heaps with just the right intent.

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