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Mojo – What Is It & How To Get It Back

At a team meeting last week I said, “at Life’s a Gym we specialise in Mojos'”.  We help people look and feel their personal best, and teach them how to keep it that way. That has been my absolute mission since founding Life’s a Gym almost 10 years ago – and it’s one of the best way to sum up our programs to this date.

I went on to explain that for our clients (all who are intelligent, successful and driven individuals) one of the biggest results we give, is we help them find their Mojo again.

Thankfully I was not meant with blank faces, but knowing smiles. We all knew what this meant, to engage on an individual level, to provide personalised support. We get people excited about living their best life, making the right choices and trusting their own knowledge they have learnt to make informed decisions.

Sometimes life just takes over from living. You may look up and 15 years have flown by. You have the title, the corner office, the latest iPhone, a wonderful family, amazing pairs of shoes, incredible travel photos and adventures and a home you’re proud of. But still something is missing. You’re not looking in the mirror thinking – damn I look and feel good! Maybe along the way while you were building your empire, being great at your job, being a “A” grade parent or a wonderful supportive partner, you’ve lost your mojo?

Well I am going to let you in on a few of my  personal top tips of how you can get your MOJO BACK!

First Up: What is Mojo?

Dictionary Term: mo·jo

  1. A magic charm, talisman, or spell.
  2. Magic power.

Most commonly now we may hear it refered to as someone who has something special, that inner vibe, connection, glow and “can do anything” approach.

According to Wikipedia “Mojo means “finding the magic in what we do”. To have “lost your mojo”, refers to a loss of inspiration or creative genius; a loss of that special spark. The word has been around for almost 100 years, one source cites its use to as early as 1926..”

That being said  – I’d like to refer to it from here on in, with the Niktionary definition:  “A special positive force of amazingness that means you are operating at your personal best in all things mental, emotional, spiritual and physical”. Now, who wouldn’t want a bit of that!

Nikki FogdenMoore_MojoHow To Get Your Mojo Back

Step One. Remember that is OK for you to be absolutely happy! In fact it is essential. Those that love you would want you to shine in all your glory for the person you are. Once you understand that this is possible and you do not have to keep putting yourself last on the list  – we can move forward.

Step Two: What makes your heart sing? When was the last time you did something that made you smile or feel like a kid inside again. It could be as simple as diving into the ocean, catching up with friends that you enjoy the company of, playing music, exercising or whatever : but you must figure out again what you enjoy. The things you enjoy may have changed over the years – but the tell-tale feeling of “this feels right, good and is fun” is the same!

Step Three: Start doing the above mentioned things you love more often! Avoid apologising for making a new schedule or reshuffling a few things in your life. This is your MOJO we are talking about here. As per point one, the people who love you and authentically want you to achieve your personal best will be there to support you and encourage you. Create actions and behaviour changes that reflect where you want to be – not what you want to avoid.

Step Four: Believe to Achieve. Getting your MOJO  back must be done with pure conviction. This conviction to act must come from within – you cannot be swayed by the opinions of others. This is your life and your MOJO. Each to their own 🙂 If you need to work a bit on why you have been denying yourself happiness then take some time to read, learn and register your common habits and reactions to situations. This is your life to live and it is possible to reprogram your hard drive to ensure you can believe in yourself sincerely. You can buy all the fancy coaching in the world but if you do not truly want to be happy, healthy, fitter, stronger or more successful, those tools will not really work.

Step Five: Ask for help. I am very proud of our personal coaching programs whether online or face to face – why? We always give personalised advice. We aim to educate, empower and engage our clients in being their personal best. Once you have established it’s time to find your MOJO again – go ask for some help. Sign up your friends and family to something fun, re-write your personal goals and aspirations, lead by example in your workplace to encourage others to put their health first so you get a productive happy team.

Either way, get some support and advise from people who care, are experienced and want you to succeed.  (A great reference that I mentioned  in my blog earlier last week on putting Fitness First:  is the Mike Duff collaboration The Power Within).

My new Ebook all about getting your MOJO back is soon to be released and it covers health, fitness, motivation, being inspired and the importance of mindset and self belief.  The final Q’s & A’s section is being wrapped up and I invite you to leave a question you’d love to have answered  – the more questions the better as the more help, support and tools we can provide to help you look and feel fantastic.

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Achieving health, fitness and happiness goals with lasting results requires change from within and the confidence to make positive personal choices.

As always, I hope that I’ve inspired you to think a little about getting a spring in your step, finding passion in what you do and that it is never too late to look and feel your personal best. Life is a journey and sometimes it’s nice just to appreciate the moment right now and see all that you have around you.

Health & Happiness

Nikki x

*Other Niktionary words like “exciteminating”, “engagiminating” can be found in my personal dictionary that friends have now termed The Niktionary..:) 

A special thanks to Alina, Sasha, Layne Beachley, Mike Duff, Sel & Greg at Body Science, Bec and Ali from Women’s Health & Fitness Mag, Chris from Tara Wolf, Peta from Brookfarm,  Carmen from C Coconut/ Hit The Streets,  and Sylvie at Scout  – these guys always stand behind my crazy energy, ideas and support the enthusiasm to want to make a difference.


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