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It is challenging enough to truly connect with others, let alone ourselves. The more time we stare at screens and watch what every one else is doing, the more distance we are creating from our own imagination, thoughts and feelings.

Never before have we been challenged so much on finding our true focus, and who we really are. The fact pre-schoolers are already on tablets and learning from screens is a signal to come that we are moving further and further away from personal interaction and a sense of connectivity.


On top of that you may be asking yourself  – where do I fit in? Bombarded by social media and losing perspective on what is truly real rather than presented to us, is creating a confusing platform for many people who are just trying to look and feel their personal best.

Have we forgotten what that feels like?

The problem that I am seeing time and time again when I run my workshops or presenting, is that very few people can define what their personal best actually look and feels like. Without a clear authentic definition of what being your personal best actually is, you can get dragged into so many different directions, styles of living, ways of being and presenting yourself that pull you further and further away from your true north.

Overall this results in a reduced sense of purpose and individuality and increased number of people walking around on autopilot.

It is my absolute mission to help change that and inspire a sense of independence and personal clarity. You can absolutely create the life you want – you just have to tune in and figure out what that may be.

I know myself how challenging it can be to really stand tall and see if you can define what you stand for.

I’m in an industry of health and wellbeing that is dominated by selfies, ab shots, diet tips, tricks and stage work. However  – the fact I have a very clear connection to the reason WHY I am working so hard to share and inspire, is helping me stay true to my message of vitality and not get caught up in the hype of quick fixes and comparisons. Of course it can get distracting – but you need to stay strong, focused and have a good sense of what it feels like when you are truly authentic.

The power of mindset

Mindset is magical when you can recognise you are getting off track and bring yourself back to an inner connection and sense of being in the present. Accept the fact this will happen. It’s human nature.

As discussed with the wonderful Mike Duff on earlier podcasts – we need to recognise the old ego and negative self talk, put it aside and determine the positive thoughts we want to keep and live by. This is essential when it comes to self-esteem, self-definition and personal growth. I’ll put the links to those podcasts at the bottom of this post.

My challenge for you today is to take a moment and see if you can clearly define what your personal best looks and feels like. Let go of external descriptions and pictures in your mind of the lives of others you may aspire to  – and just listen to your intuition.

Grab a sheet of paper. What words, thoughts and distinctions come up first

  • What does healthy look like to you?
  • How does that physically feel?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • How does success feel – what emotions does it bring up
  • What type of personality traits do you absolutely feel natural in – i.e. humours, caring, dynamic, thoughtful, driven? What drives you?
  • Where do you feel at HOME the most, with whom, in what part  of the world with what elements around you?

I’d love to see your responses and very happy to help you find clarity on this if you send me a work in progress. Just leave a comment below or email me

Remember the difference between wishing for change and achieving it is BEING the change (my quote for the week, nikki)

Health & Happiness and be true to you

Nikki x


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