Monday Mojo© How To Take A Leap Of Faith

How to Take A Leap Of Faith

Hi guys, welcome to the new way that I’m going to be doing Monday Mojo’s© which is videoing in and giving you three minutes of some magic on how you can actually find that ultimate blend of personal and commercial leadership to amplify everything you’re doing.

If you’re listening to this, or on my blog page then chances are you’ve got a million things going on in your life, otherwise we wouldn’t be hanging out. So welcome and get ready to start approaching a few things differently. What ever got you to this point is fantastic. But what if this next phase you could achieve, be in the flow, enjoy and thrive even more – with much less effort. 

I’d like to challenge you on everything that you’re doing and how you’re approaching decision making.

  • And I want to ask you, do you think that you fall or fly if you let go of trying to control everything and actually back yourself with a leap of faith?

My goal in the coming posts – starting with this one – is to show you how to make remarkable decisions with very little effort. That’s correct. Very little effort.

The difference between a good decision and a remarkable one is where you make your decisions from. 

When it comes to elite performance (and this is what I coach with the top 1% leaders), it’s really what goes on between your ears  i e. your mindset and your perspective, that makes a difference between a good decision and a remarkable one. 

Today’s  Mojo is about you figuring out what your perspective is. Where do you make your decisions from. Fear or Curiosity? 

Are you a person that life does stuff to or are you a person that does stuff with life?

The easiest way to figure that out is to think about something that maybe you’ve been stuck in for a while that you reflect on and realise :  “OMG, I’m just constantly going round and round in circles”.

There’s no way out. This is just the situation I’m in and it’s never going to change. I can’t move forward or backwards. Ether way, whatever it is on this decision, you’re in a state of complete inertia and it absolutely frustrates you beyond belief to the fact where you becoming unproductive.

You feel stuck…

There’s no forward movement. You’re constantly obsessing about it. It’s really becoming your kryptonite for energy. So when we stay in our heads in this capacity all the time, we’re not utilising our energy levels to the best of our abilities. We’re actually using up and putting, kind of mortgaging our energy levels. 

You’re not being productive with your thoughts and your connection between knowing knowledge and experience and the knowing that comes from within.

Are you really stuck or do you just like the story and the safety of the known landscape? 

So let me draw you a little diagram.  I did this with the leadership team the other week (excuse my stick figures)  – but it made it very easy to think about with any given situation. 


Nikki's Leap Matrix


What prevents people from going and doing those things that you might find inspirational that others do, or leaders that just keep pushing the envelope and go, how do they do that?

You know, you look at all these people and you think, what have they got that I haven’t?

It’s a mindset.

Most people get stuck, they say stuck between these two walls that are your constant stories, the things that are really comfortable, the things that define you.

Those stories are really easy to sit in, they give validation and whether it’s kind of a relationship or if it’s a certain business environment or blah, blah, blah, the stories go on.

But either way – your reality as you think of it, is really not your reality. You get to get un-stuck at any given point. It’s a choice not by chance. 

The uncomfortable truth is we often like to hide behind the “situations” we are in or past experiences – and loose faith in our own sense of navigation. Fear, judgement, shame and guilt creep in and paralyse us from moving forward.

The flip side is when you recognise the little voice keeping you stuck in a story – you can adopt the facts and stats strategy and start taking action rather than wasting your energy on what’s wrong. There is ALWAYS a solution, option and another way of looking at things.

So here you go: 

Step One: Acknowledge the walls you’re leaning on:

  1. What expectations and ideals am I absolutely fused with that I won’t let go of?
  2. Where is the fear that I would prefer to stay in discomfort rather than go to something that could be absolutely bloody amazing, you know?

I call it the 90 10 rule.  90% is, Oh my God, this is so hard. 10% feels really cool to try something and they go right back into the story and revert back to this is too hard.

That’s usually based on a fear or shame, blame or guilt. Right? This is a horrible place and the exhausting element of being “stuck”. The perceived dichotomy and mental prison.  Most people stay in uncomfortable situations that are known, which makes them comfortable. 

Even if it’s not a situation you like many justify this with the old expression. Better the devil we know, right”? No!! Dangerous internal dialogue.

This is what keeps you in the cycle of being stuck and justifying that story as you’re too afraid to take a leap of faith and back yourself – or you don’t feel you have enough ‘evidence’ from the universe that if you go out on a limb you will be supported.

Step Two: What we think about expands.

So lets say you are contemplating letting go of that story (those walls I describe in stuck-ville) and want to let go and take some movement. 

Two different things going to happen to you.

  1. Ask yourself if you take one movement to let go do you feel you will fall or fly?
  2. If you were to take your hands off these walls and your feet off these walls, and you would just to let go, do you feel that you would fall or would you fly?
  3. And really you’re assessing is it a risk to let go or is it an opportunity?

And that’s what you’ve got to figure out.

Are you going to fall and you’re afraid and you’re stuck in the black and all the things that could go wrong or you’re going to take it as an opportunity because you trust the process.

So at the bottom of my diagram, I’ll put all these things in the notes.

The leap matrix© is you have to learn to let go because you only know what you know.

If you don’t leap, you won’t fly.


Step Three: Engage, engage in self trust and knowing a deep sense of knowing.

Not the ego dialogue that happens in your mind, but engage in your deep sense of trust. 

It’s the 2 second conversation that says – I don’t even know how, but this feels right. So I’m going to give it a go.

The universe will support you. Just take one step.

Step Four: The third part of the leap matrix is action.

You have to put a foot out over the cliff. You can’t just sit there and stare at it.

You have to go and take a leap of faith. Just do it.

Step Five and it’s the last letter in LEAP – Purpose.

Let your purpose be your anchor. 

When you have a sense of purpose, the fourth bit of leap, you never have to worry because you’re connected and grounded in all that you do.


Ask yourself in all of this  – Where do you sit if you were to take your hands off the walls of comfort, the stories that you tell yourself and that sense of purpose took over the sense of faith, the sense of being in the driver’s seat, of just backing yourself.

  • Do you think you would fall or your fly?
  • Is it a risk or is it an opportunity?
  • We must have the courage to choose curiosity over fear and we don’t have to know every single step.

That next level amplification is letting go and trusting yourself that you’re fully supported.

The people I work with are pioneers and game changers –  they’re highly intelligent, extremely visionary, and they’re tenacious. But like anyone – they like to have a little bit of control over everything. Letting go of that control and evolving into a new level of decision making is the key that unlocks enormous potential. It also frees up an incredible amount of stuck energy.

So if there’s something in your gut that says “gosh I really need to try/change this” – maybe take the leap and back yourself.  The situation you’re in, the relationship, the job, the way your team are managing up to you –  it just doesn’t feel right.

Do something about it. There is nothing worse than saying stuck. You’re the only one keeping you there. It takes courage and honesty to hold a mirror up and ask “why do I like to keep this scenario, story, situation and discomfort an easy way out  – what am I afraid of doing, revealing or putting myself out on a limb for”? 

So please do not say stuck in a story, but take a leap, let go engage in a deep sense of knowing, take action and be on purpose.

Don’t just stand there and look at what everyone else is doing. If you don’t leap, you won’t fly. I promise you you won’t look back, but all it takes is one step.

So come join me – ask me questions, send me an email or connect with me @nfogdenmoore. I’m happy to be your navigator. 

I’d really love to hear from you.

Yours in Mojo Always



PS If you want some of the other elements it’s all free and here on the site and blog or

All you have to do is search something like “winning weeks”, purpose, goal setting whatever you need.

I’m here to help you.

You absolutely have the ability to design the next level of what your life looks like, whether it’s work or home.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you like my new versions of Monday Mojo’s© I’m here to make sure that you absolutely live your life easily to your truest potential. 

You got this, you’re in the driver’s seat.


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