Courage to Create the Life You Want

Courage – how take a leap of faith and create the life you want.

What is holding you back from getting your personal goals off paper and into action? Is it fear of failure, perhaps a tiny amount of laziness, it’s “too hard” or there are too many unknown factors?

My advice is don’t wait for something to happen that forces you to make changes  – but seize the moment and start living the life you want now!

I am inspired by so many wonderful people who push aside adversity, feel no pity and just get on with it. Most of them don’t have time to think to much about the options, as they are faced with a single path that is called necessity and acceptance.  Whether by accident, illness, life events or tragedy – people that DO THINGS with life never give up. Yesterday I was chatting to Paul de Gelder about his new goals for running a half marathon and all the amazing training he’s doing. If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning,  then check out Paul’s story!

My absolute motto is Create the Life You Want – no one said it would be easy – but you need to figure out which type of person you are going to be in life for it to work: So before you read any further, which type of person are you?:

A) A person that DOES things with life

B) A person that LIFE does things to

So which are you? You need to really BELIEVE in the answer…

Let’s assume if you’re still reading this that this is going to be about type A – doing things with Life. No more excuses, no more procrastination – what ever it takes you need to remind yourself that every day counts and every day is a gift.

Why is that perfect body, job and relationship eluding you? Are you living up to your true potential and creating a lifestyle that enables those three things to be possible – or are you still just wishing and thinking about it?

The first step to getting the body and the life you want is to turn off autopilot and start LIVING the lifestyle that will create those results.

An athlete is fit, healthy and focused due to the fact they live a fit, healthy and focused life. Results are not by accident but determination and daily lifestyle choices

A successful relationship or career takes the same positive active choices – it involves focus, positive energy and living the results you want to see.

Step One to Creating the Life You Want: Visualise the Future You and Start Living it Now! Here’s how: 

Take a pen and paper and look FORWARD to the future you: Be honest, open and specific when

you write answers to the below:

  1. What does the best of you do? (what time do you get up, what’s your job, how do you workout, what do you wear, what does future you for fun)
  2. What does the best, healthy you eat?
  3. How does the healthy you stay fit and happy – what exercise and activity makes you smile?
  4. Who does the best healthy, happy you spend their time with?
  5. How does the healthy, happy and successful you stay motivated and overcome challenges?
  6. Where does future you live? Be specific…

Take a look at your list and highlight all the things you could start doing NOW.

Start living the list above –  why wait  for an enormous life event to get moving and start creating the life you want.

Keep that list front and centre. Live the life you want now but implementing small daily changes that benefit the best of you. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to shed off excuses and start with small steps that create lasting change.

As George Bernard Show says ” Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself”.

For more tips on goal setting then hop onto my other posts Paralysis by Analysis or Goal Setting 101 

Remember – always look forward when you’re driving – and you’re the driver in this journey

Health & Happiness

Nikki x








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