How To: Choose Dolphin Safe Tuna

Dolphin SafeHow To: Choose Dolphin Safe Tuna 

If you’re packing a punch with protein in your diet and getting your essential fish oils from tuna, then it’s really helpful to know you’re being kind to the environment and to our marine life by choosing Dolphin Safe brands that adhere to international guidelines for fishing.

Whilst we are a LONG way off from truly catching what we need and getting back to ocean-to-table dining with sustainable fishing practises,  there are better choices you can make.

EVERY purchase you do makes a difference – it is literally the ripple effect. Please remember as an individual you can create change and a better future for you and your family by just adopting some simple best practise principles and being educated about where your food is coming from.

Do not believe everything you read on packaging. We know that sources of ingredients are often different from what is marketed to us  – especially when it comes to frozen or packaged items from fresh produce. You can read some of my other articles on conscious living, sustainable living and organic for some extra tips and easy to digest information.

Rant over – here are the top companies that are certified as dolphin safe tuna (ref: the Earth Island Institute)


  • 4 Seas PTY, Ltd.
  • Bumblebee Seafoods (Kirkland brand)
  • Dinko Tuna Farmers Pty Ltd.
  • Sealord Group, Ltd.
  • Simplot/John West Australia
  • Port Lincoln Tuna Processors PTY, Ltd.
  • Safcol Australia Pty, Ltd. (Tropical Consolidated Corp)
  • Greenseas (HJ Heinz)
  • So Natural Foods (Paramount Tuna)


  • Leigh Fisheries
  • Pendarves Ltd.
  • Sealord Group, Ltd.
  • Temuka Seafoods, Ltd.
  • Sanford, Ltd.*
  • Koru II *


  • American Tuna Boat Association
  • Oregon Seafoods Processing and Packaging
  • Best Fish Company
  • American Albacore Fishing Association
  • Western Fishboat Owners Association
  • Wild Planet Foods, Inc.
  • StarKist Seafood Company (Dong Won)
  • Chicken of the Sea (ThaiUnion Int.)
  • BumbleBee Seafoods Inc.

For a full list of all countries click here

Spotted DolphinsI remain sceptic that our fishing practises are really being adhered to and unfortunately money seems to get in the way of any humanitarian judgement when it comes to preserving and respecting our marine wildlife. However as more consumers become educated and organisations join forces to change legislation,  we are setting up a brighter future for sustainable best practise, healthy oceans and healthy populations.

If you’d like to find out more about Dolphin conservation then Rick O’Barry’s website is a melting pot of what’s going on, how you can help and things to be aware of.

While we may find information and movies shown to us shocking – it would be more shocking not to react, and join forces to create positive change.

Living a healthy happy and active life includes being informed and having some useful tips and tools you can put into practice. I hope the above helps you navigate brands in your supermarket and find out a little more about where your lunch comes from 🙂

As always I welcome feedback, ideas and love your comments.

Hopefully together we can inspire people to not only look their personal best but to be their personal best.

x Nikki

As of today, 1 November $1 from every sale of all our Life’s a Gym products and my ebooks will go towards the Dolphin Project. Every bit counts.

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