Believe Act Achieve

Believe Act Achieve

Achieve your health and fitness goals by getting them off paper and into action with these three key steps:




Have fantastic personal goals that get lost and put aside with everyday life? Well now is the time to start doing and stop thinking about it. Fedex is not delivering you a new body tomorrow so you might as well take great care of the one you have!

Whether you are part of a multinational company, work from home as an entrepreneur, a student, or you’re a full-time at home parent – you have a ‘workplace’.  It is essential that your personal wellbeing goals can be integrated into this environment too.

Here’s how:
1: BELIEVE: Be clear about what you want to achieve and your personal mantra. This does not mean you have to shout from the rooftops and convert others. However you must feel centred and driven by this goal for it to be sustainable. Self belief is paramount. YES YOU CAN! (SET YOUR GOAL)

2. ACT: Can you articulate the why? Keep it simple, from the heart. There is no need to justify your goal to others – but it can help people support you if they know your reasons behind it. If you are taking steps towards your goals by ‘actions’ then you are showing your commitment to the end result. (DEFINE THE ACTIONS REQUIRED)

3. ACHIEVE: Incremental daily steps create lasting change. Grand gestures and a thousand sticky notes might create a lot of noise but no action. Quietly go about achieving your daily milestones and don’t give up. (COMMIT TO YOUR DAILY TASKS)

Once you feel comfortable with the above then pick up a pen and a big sheet of paper. Your goals can be a year time frame, a week or a month! It’s your life. This is where the homework comes in:

Make 3 columns


STEP 1: Under “MY GOALS”
Write 1 to 5 of THE MOST IMPORTANT things you want to achieve this year. They must be:
• Authentically YOU
• Relevant to YOU
• Meaningful to YOU

Next to each goal in brackets write a sentence or just a few highlight words on the WHY

Write the steps you need to take to get this goal off paper and into your life – from right now to ongoing.
Once you have this action list then go back to the 3 pillars to integrate your personal goals into everyday living as tasks per day.

Note, there is nothing in between – no procrastinations, and no ‘I need this first’ – just straight from goal to action starting with the little steps.

Tip: Have a think about all your usual goals “lose weight, start my own business, get a promotion, sign up to a race, cook at home more regularly – these didn’t work? So, what do you REALLY WANT – be more specific.


Now you have your action list you need to break these down into daily tasks. Think small steps that are easily achievable and inch you one step closer to the bigger picture. For example healthy eating can mean go to farmers market for fresh vegetables, download this weeks recipes for meal planning. Running a 5 km race then you daily task could be following day 1 of your program – getting out the door for a 20min walk to build up your fitness. Bring some healthy food for the office and make 1 x per week workout with a colleague so there are no excuses. Start with small steps to create the big change you want to see.
For example, one of my goals for 2013:

My Goal: Complete a Half Ironman with only 3 days possible to train a week…hmmmm

WHY: I have always wanted to do this but have a really demanding travel schedule  – now there is one coming to the Sunshine Coast . I’d like to inspire my clients to choose a goal that can be focused on participation and that you don’t have to turn your life upside down. (Perhaps these are famous last words…have not got the bare minimal training program yet..)

My Actions:

  1. Send enquiry email to register (DONE)
  2. Get my dream team of 3 sorted (expert coach to help make some base training when I am never at home,  a couple of local training buddies to have fun on the journey,  a charity I feel motivated to support and can raise funds for? )
  3. Make a training plan that fits my ridiculous work and travel schedule – i.e. small regular amounts of sports specific training that I can apply to the race
  4. Check in with my  team and organise a campaign to raise funds to race for the charity
  5. Share my training and prep journey with my Life’s a Gym family  – hopefully support others that are training for this local race as well by sharing our training as a virtual team.
  6. Have fun!

My Tasks:

  1. When at working from HQ go for a swim as per program at lunch
  2. Organise a client catch up during a run rather than in the boardroom – some of the best ideas are conceived out in the fresh air
  3. Write my weekly planning for training moments out on a Sunday and share with my team
  4. Get up early to run with the Roxy the dog before the day kicks off
  5. Pack protein shakes and healthy snacks in my luggage so I always have something as a back up when traveling.
  6. Pack my swim goggles and run shoes – I might be on an island for a week for work – so how about an ocean swim rather than the pool. Check!

Goals are personal. To recap, your goals should be:

• Authentically YOU
• Relevant to YOU
• Meaningful to YOU

They can be simple, they can be grand or they can be shared. There are no rules. However the art is to stop thinking about what you want and get out there and make it happen.

Happy Achieving!

Nikki x

If you’re struggling to get your health or fitness goals off paper and into real life then leave a comment or drop us a line.   [contact-form to=’’ subject=’Goal Setting Enquiry’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]


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