THE VITALITY COACH PODCAST BLOG POST TILES (1)Goal Setting 101 – Create Action Not Wishes

Where do people tend to struggle the most when it comes to achieving their dreams?

I’d say 3 key areas:

  1. Conviction for their goal
  2. Consistency to action and dedicate time to it
  3. Communication to others around them that they need support.


It all starts with making sure your goal is relevant to you – and not someone else’s wish list.


Today it’s a real challenge to set personal goals where there is so much out there on social media to compare to. I call it generation “exhibition”.  We have lost connection with what’s real. Mantra’s and meditations do not work unless your goal is truly aligned with your inner why. Set goals and dreams that are truly YOURS, authentic plans and visions that connect. 


The key to turning dreams into reality? Attitude, consistency, the right support. 


Following on from creating a goal that truly resonates with YOU – the next steps are crucial:

1) Find you Why – what is the reason behind your goal, what do you really deeply want as the outcome, not surface stuff but the real conviction for what you do. When you have a true connection and conviction for your goal and a sense of purpose (no matter how big or small that goal is) you never need to over explain, negotiate with yourself or convince others – it’s your beacon, your true north and keeps you going.

TVC_90 Day Plan A3

2) Break it down into a 90-day plan. What’s the big goal in 90 days, what do you need to do in 30 days to get there, what tasks do you need to do in the next 7 Days… Finally out of that list what 3 key IMMEDIATE next steps do you need to take to get the ball rolling. Planning is the key to success. Without a plan a goal is just a dream – with a plan it becomes a reality with tasks, time and resources. Get specific.

3) Find your dream team. Not got the right support at home, find your tribe, connect with a friend, build a buddy system or ask your kids to support you too! I call this gold stars for adults. How can we expect others to support us in the way we want if we do not ask for help, tell people how it could really support you and let them know it’s really important to you. You may be overwhelmed with how people suddenly go from cynical to supportive when you share your why and your game plan in simple facts.


If you’ve already identified your passions, strengths and the things in life you enjoy doing, how can you turn these into goals? What’s the next step?


This is where i’d go and do the 3 steps above. Apply the steps every 90 days. The 90 day plan. Most people don’t actually apply quarterly planning. They get a moment of inspiration, set some goals up then never revisit. Consistency creates change. Keep your eye on the ball – if you want it you need to run your goals like a business; plan, review, execute, review and re-plan every 90 days.


Here’s a quick recap of my top Vitality Coach tips for setting goals and following through:

  1. Set 90 day planning every 3 months in your agenda
  2. Write out your sheet on an A3 – keep copies and use it to review for the next planning
  3. Plan your winning week – every week on a Sunday look at your week and actually plan in the balance of time, work, fitness, friends/family and me time.  Luck has nothing to do with it. It’s about choice not chance.You got this – just make it your goal, clarify your road-blocks, identify 3 next steps and take it from there.


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My motto: If you don’t create the life you want you’ll get the one you’re given.

Go out there and make it happen!

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