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pic: tinbox studios

Getting Back Into Fitness – 7 Steps To Get Started

Over the past 3 months I’ve been pounding the keyboard more than the pavement and man do I feel it! As I got my main project off for editing and ticked off the list after what seemed like endless hours of writing,  filming and staring at a computer screen – I felt as if I’d been in hibernation!

Fitness is a lifestyle for me, so there are fresh air moments every day without fail.  However since the Webber Challenge in November my schedule has seemed to be more about planes and presenting, than making some really engaging and empowering training sessions.

This month I declared it the end of my “off-season” and the beginning of some purposeful training.

What am I training for? I haven’t picked this years big challenge yet – so my immediate goal is to test out where I’m at; how fast, strong, flexible and cardio fit I actually am and we will take it from there. I call it 360Fit.

NikkiandEmma NoosaGetting back into Fitness:

Most importantly when building up your fitness levels again it’s really important not to get discouraged and focus on how things were, but instead focus on how fit you want to be and set some milestones.

Too often I hear clients say they didn’t have enough time, work got in the way or they lost their motivation and now it’s too hard to get started again.

Well, here are my top tips for getting back into your fitness groove, no matter what you’ve been up to the past few months. Whatever your age, location, fitness level or work/life balance element there is a formula you can use to bring fitness and vitality back into daily life.

7 Steps 

1. Remember WHY it’s important to be fit and healthy  – reducing stress levels, increasing overall wellbeing, looking great, feeling great, using your body as designed and generally taking care of yourself are all key benefits.

2. Set a month goal – not 3 months or 6 months – but a 4 week goal.

3. Divide that goal into each week with some milestones per week.

4. Grab your calendar and plan in 30-45 min sessions every second day and 15 minute sessions on the days in-between (you’ll use an hour but the smaller sessions make it seem more achievable).

5. Make a monthly sheet on a piece of paper, draw up your milestone moments, training and weekly missions and place it front and centre – i.e. on your fridge, in your office etc. Sometimes things on computer agenda’s get lost in the ether and once we physically write something down and display it (like a mood board) it becomes more of a reality.

6. Find a trainer, download some videos, find a training buddy or just get outside with your family and build it into your time together. Either way, connect and get informed on what you can do to start building up your fitness again safely and it will be fun.  Take ACTION.

7. Ask for support  – let others know this is important to you and you need them to support rather than sabotage or try to take you off track. You are on a mission. It’s human nature for others to test our conviction for new projects so just be clear to people you need them to be positive not dream stealers (as Shannah Kennedy and I discussed on my podcast the other week).

As you kick-start your personal journey into being your fit, healthy self – remember it’s about balance. Focus on what you can add to your life rather than what you have to give up. If you’re leading a team of people in a company then inspire the team to think about their wellness as well with small tangible steps each day. Sign up for a team challenge, go for a walk at lunch time, ensure there are healthy food choices in the work environment. Integrate this as a lifestyle not just at home, but in the wider sense of your world. The impact will be amazing.

If you’d like some tips on getting your workplace fit and healthy drop me a line.

For more resources: click here on goal setting, quick workouts for busy people, healthy easy to make recipes for lots of ideas, quick tips and free advice on how you can look and feel fantastic without turning your life upside down.

I look forward to sharing my goals and milestones on 360Fit with you over the next few weeks as well.

Health & Happiness

Nikki x






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