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TMM 124 Why budgets don’t work with Melissa Browne

By nikkifogdenmoore | July 28, 2020

Why budgets don’t work with Melissa Browne In this episode I get the pleasure of interviewing one of my dear friends and guru of ‘all things finance’, Melissa Browne – to talk about her new book ‘Budgets Don’t Work, But This One Does’. If your current budgets or thinking hasn’t been working, this gives you…

TMM123 The Truth Series Part 2 – communicate without conflict

By nikkifogdenmoore | July 12, 2020

Episode 123 The Truth Series Part 2 – How to share and communicate without conflict Today’s Blog & Video is part 2 in the TRUTH Series Learning how to share yours with grace and integrity and holding the space for yourself and others. Often we feel that to be assertive is to be aggressive –…

TMM122 The Truth Series Part 1 – How To Discover Yours

By nikkifogdenmoore | July 12, 2020

TMM122 The Truth Series – Part 1 – How To Discover Yours In this months series of 3, I talk about the power of truth without confrontation but from a place of clarity and calm. Why it is game changing when we can learn to discover what our core values and truths are and then…

TMM121 Conscious Communication

By nikkifogdenmoore | June 25, 2020

TMM121 Conscious Communication With Pamela Pannifex. As leaders in life it’s essential to ensure we evolve and recognise patterns and behaviours that may hold us back from harmony. I firmly believe communication is the critical pathway for clarity, calm and connection and that’s why I have asked Pamela Panifex from Sunshine Holistic Counselling to join…

3 Steps To Embrace Change

By nikkifogdenmoore | June 15, 2020

Embrace Change – The Resolve to Evolve – 3 Steps To Take the leap of faith and not stay stuck in stories… Hi there and welcome to my official blog and the Monday Mojo© replay series.  – how are you doing? Ready to receive all the good stuff that is coming when you are ready…

How To Overcome Roadblocks

By nikkifogdenmoore | June 9, 2020

HOW TO NOT GET SUCKED IN TO SOS – SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME I’m going to try and keep this blog a little shorter today and straight to the point. There are 2 videos below that will help you dive a bit deeper into identifying the sneaky self sabotage and how to just F!cK it and do something your…

TMM120 Leading from Home for Conservation

By nikkifogdenmoore | June 2, 2020

TMM120 Leading from Home for Conservation Welcome back to a little express session on the show with Al Ramadan co-founder of Play Bigger the category design guru and Nik Strong-Cvetich, who’s the executive director of Save The Waves Coalition.  How Do We Lead in Conservation From Home As directors, how do we take overwhelm of…

Trusting Insight vs Hindsight

By nikkifogdenmoore | May 25, 2020

Monday Mojo© Trusting Insight vs Hindsight Trusting Insight vs Hindsight Are you hell bent on not repeating the past? Avoiding conflict (financial, personal, emotional, physical) Avoiding pain  (financial, personal, emotional, physical) Avoiding loss (financial, personal, emotional, physical) Well, welcome to this blog and one those defining opportunities to learn how to make decisions from trust not terror.  I’m…


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