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Seventh Heaven with Six Senses – The Key to Active Living

By nikkifogdenmoore | May 7, 2013

Seventh Heaven with Six Senses – The Key To Active Living Are you operating on your full potential or just at half measure? Are you fully engaged with living in the moment, sight, sound, touch, hearing and taste? We have the most incredible finely tuned system but often forget to engage all our senses. In…

Insomnia 101 – Why Lack of Sleep Can Play Havoc With Your Health

By nikkifogdenmoore | May 1, 2013

Insomnia 101. Why lack of sleep can play havoc with your health. How to break the cycle. If you are reading this post at 3 or 4am in the morning then chances are: a)  you’ve just come back from a big night out, b) you work shift work or c) you suffer from insomnia. In fact it could…

Rocket Science – The Benefits of Nature’s Vitamins & Vital Greens

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 29, 2013

Rocket Science – the Benefits of Natures Vitamins and Vital Greens! The best vitamin isle in any super market is the fresh fruit and vegetable section – especially if you are in an area that stocks local organic produce, free from pesticides and ‘long life’ sprays. Nature’s own nutritional science leads the way when it…

COURAGE – how to take a leap of faith and create the life you want

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 20, 2013

Courage – how take a leap of faith and create the life you want. What is holding you back from getting your personal goals off paper and into action? Is it fear of failure, perhaps a tiny amount of laziness, it’s “too hard” or there are too many unknown factors? My advice is don’t wait for…

Truth or Bare? What really goes into your make up and skincare?

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 16, 2013

Skincare Truth or Bare – what really  goes into the face and body products you are using? This week I wanted to get a straight talking approach about mineral make up and skin care from the gorgeous Sylvie Hutchings. CEO and Founder of Scout Cosmetics – Sylvie has taught me A LOT about what true…

If The Shoe Fits – How to Find the Right Running Shoe For You

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 8, 2013

If the Shoe Fits: A quick guide to find the right running shoe for you. Heading out to start running, or picking up the pace on your usual routine? Then chances are you’ll need a trusty pair of runners to help you glide injury free through those KM’s or miles. A swimmer more than a…

Back to basics – Get the body you want with fresh food and fitness

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 5, 2013

Get back to basics with fresh food and fitness without turning your life upside down. It’s been way too long between posts – but WOW what a great few weeks I have had with some amazing clients on our Bodibreaks. The over-riding emphasis has been about how easy it can be to feel fantastic if…

Paralysis by Analysis – are you thinking about it too much?

By nikkifogdenmoore | March 2, 2013

Are we suffering paralysis from over analysis? What happened to “just do it”? Over the past months I have delved deeper into the whole foods discussion, sustainable eating,  watched countless movies on the truth about where our super market food really comes from, signed up to PETA, promote  active living daily without fad diets,  and…


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