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TMM119 How To Stop Betraying Your Own Intuition

By nikkifogdenmoore | May 6, 2020

How To Stop Betraying Your Own Intuition How to release the feeling of being “betrayed” and realise it isn’t actually from others. This little video will give you some tips on how to harness that energy, and realise it’s a gift to understand you probably had a little voice telling you all along something was…

Reverse Mojo

By nikkifogdenmoore | May 6, 2020

Reverse Mojo© Mastering The Magic Of Sitting With SELF Welcome to this weeks Mojo Reverse Mojo© Mastering The Magic Of Sitting With SELF I read a quote the other day that said challenging times don’t make people become someone, they show you who they truly are. To an extent, I tend to agree. I do…

TMM118 Unlocking Your Creative Mojo with Carlie Wacker

By nikkifogdenmoore | May 1, 2020

Unlocking Your Creative Mojo with Carlie Wacker How do you keep your Mojo and rediscover your creativity when what you thought you were building has been completely turned upside down. This could be the exact creative gift you really need to get back to basics. On today’s episode because I have one of my great…

TMM117 Be What You Need From Others

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 28, 2020

TMM117 Be What You Need From Others Today’s message is actually a really simple one. I want to talk about the difference between needs and wants and who’s actually in charge of supporting you during this period. Newsflash, it’s actually you! Look at all the things that you think you need from other people right…

TMM116 Managing Your Mojo In Isolation

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 4, 2020

TMM116 More tips on Managing Your Mojo In Isolation (or just when you feel you are really being tested) Last weeks episode I spoke about vibing high in times of crisis – and how to do that while staying grounded. That means being specific and intentional in your thoughts. As the weeks slipped by I…

TMM115 Mindset Mojo

By nikkifogdenmoore | April 1, 2020

Mindset Mojo : The Power Of Your Thoughts During Challenging Times How to stay centred, grounded and lead from within no matter what is going on around you. The power of your thoughts – How to get through abandonment and reach out to those you love regardless of where you sit right now 3 tools…

TMM114 How To Survive Lock Down With Family

By nikkifogdenmoore | March 30, 2020

HOW TO SURVIVE LOCK DOWN WITH FAMILY Tips For Purpose, Presence and Staying Sane In Close Quarters No matter how zen you are, getting into a small space with people, with no real break during stressful times can be a challenge for anyone. – Setting up a “safe zone” for me time (no matter how…

TMM113 48 Hours To Lock Down

By nikkifogdenmoore | March 28, 2020

Episode 113 as a special series on COVID-19 48 Hours To Lock Down. I chat with New Zealand business owner, father and entrepreneur about the need to not wait. But to plan, prep and be on purpose when as a global crisis ripples through your country and state. 48 Hours to Lock Down – What…


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