Fun 101 Falling back in love with your life

Fun 101 Falling back in love with your life

When is the last time you consistently had fun?

Today’s mini mojo time is 5mins of worthwhile Mojo making – please take a moment. Read it with a coffee, in the train, on your exercise bike or just at your desk right now…  it could save your week and your month from groundhog day… it could also motivate you, your teams and inspire others.  Here goes!

3 quick q’s quiz:

1. Are you having fun – overall every day in life/work?  (Y/N)

2. Loving the sprint to the end of the year? (Y/N)

3. Jumping out of bed in the morning all fired up like it was your first day of work. Thrilled to be alive? (Y/N)

No fibs here. You know exactly what I am getting at. Life’s a rally so we are always going to have challenges. It’s how we deal with them daily that counts.

True story – coaching call the other week – husband and wife dynamic duo – big thinkers, hearts of gold, making an impact….:

Me: OK guys – one simple bit of homework: list 7 things you can do in the next 7 days that are fun – not just around the kids but each of you as well.
Them: OK great,
Me: Send it across by end of day or tomorrow morning….

3 days later..
ME: Sooooooo, hows that list going??
Them: “We can’t think of anything – OMG!!!”


Yup. These guys forgot what fun looked like! Scary stuff. We have since rectified that and started some great activities but it was a wake up call…

If you’re in overload, feeling pushed into a corner at work, exhausted by the time you get home, too many serious discussions, loads of responsibility and just not enough down time to actually enjoy your weeks – then chances are you could do with an IMMEDIATE dose of Mojo.


If you’re not dialling into the mojo each day you’re missing out on the journey.

You can start getting it back right away

Here are 4 pillars that I put on the immediate mojo makers action list with my clients: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THESE IN YOUR WEEKLY PLANNING.

  1. FUN

1. FUN – what do you do for real fun – not addictive, short sited, dopamine drenched shallow “hits” to the human system – but really stuff that makes you smile like a 5 year old, that gets your heart pumping with real joy.

2. ROMANCE – in love and life….

a) married and in a partnership and wondering way your relationship bottom line is going south? Maybe you spend more time on your business budgets than your personal life one. Bring sexy back. Seriously. There are no rules that say after 10 years of marriage or 1 year of dating tho shalt fall into a miserable routine of sharing duties, pitiful snapping about silly inconsequential situations and no more date nights. Remember why you started in the first place and get invested again.  HELLO!

… you don’t have to be in a relationship are you in love with your life?

b).. when’s the last time you fell in love with your LIFE. Truly – I love my life and I am very appreciative of my sincere drive, energy, compassion and boundless perspective that possibilities are everywhere – purely because that is how I choose to live it.

Don’t look at others to fulfil your mojo and complete your love of your own life – fall in love with what you do first. At work and personal. Work/Life BLEND. Get off the swipe left and right and get stuck into to being the person you enjoy hanging out with. Sounds cliche but it’s a vital part of personal success and happiness.

3. BUCKET LISTS – not reserved for people in movies or who suddenly have been given seriously bad news.
–  Grab a pen and write 10 things down right now you’ve always wanted to do.
– Circle the free stuff and do that first, book in the next available to do and start planning the bigger items.

For example – this afternoon I have a drum lesson, this weekend I’m going surfing with a long time friend who’s a pro surfer – but I’m making them come out with a long board and just hang out and surf and chat and catch up (hahah – yup) . 2 things that don’t cost much and mean a lot. Plus I have a bunch of bucket list things for next year.  Also I have on my list skateboarding, tango lessons, dolphin conservation in Belize and heliskiing! Just putting it out there.

4. BRAVERY – yes being brave and standing up for self and others boost Mojo and is fun. Who cares about budget cuts, market share moments and difficult times  – they will ALWAYS be there. I don’t know why people keep acting so surprised!  That is called flexing your mental muscle.

So if you are a leader at home and at work PLEASE pull your socks up and stand up for the daily boost of morale, teamwork, collaboration and bigger picture thinking.

See below on this – lead by example by being entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial.

In summary
Never let external factors squash your internal mojo.  Fun is essential so find a way to celebrate the small stuff as you carve out the big wins.

If you’re stuck in a rut and can’t get that Mojo going please email or call. I’m pretty sure I can help turn that around for you straight away. If you keep doing what you’ve always done – you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. (or something like that)..

Coach Nikki


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