Founder Vitality How To Avoid Collateral Damage

As a founder, an entrepreneur, a CEO or anyone that’s striving hard inside an organisation –  make sure that your soul, wellbeing, that the love in your life and that the things that you do outside of your work are not collateral damage for the success that you’re trying to build.  There is a skill to blending personal and commercial success for Founder Vitality. 

No matter how busy you are and no matter what business and role you’re building, it’s very important to make sure that you make time for friends, family and wellbeing, so that these aspects are not collateral damage as you work on your future and doing what you love.

We know life can been hectic – I have one of those too hectic lives. Today’s Vitality Daily edit is a reminder about keeping perspective and not letting one area of your life get in the way of fulfilling others. 

Practice It Daily and Plan in Advance

If you are busy like me and you’re always on the road, in another rental car and another aeroplane to get somewhere, remember to enjoy the journey. 

Your vitality bank isn’t just about filling your bank balance or your cash flow, it’s also about making sure that you’re healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I’ve had so many 22 hour days lately and I’m working with incredible companies and individuals that inspire me as much back,  I feel there is unlimited energy in and out and amazing flow. It would be so easy to dive deeper in to work. Yet I’m always going to make time for elements that enable me to re-charge my Vitality Bank. My emotional, physical and mental hard drive.

For example on this latest whirlwind trip to NZ, it was surprising my parents and to have dinner together. Spending time with friends that I miss, planning ahead depending what city I am in and doing those small incremental moments throughout my week that fill my soul up. Refuelling your Vitality Bank. 


Getting some parent time in with these 2 gorgeous souls in Taupo


Spending time with people that you love, doing things that you love, regenerating, having space for creativity. If you’re actually looking up, not down into your phone, or thinking about issues past and present, but you pause and take a moment to be centred,  there’s a powerful shift when you’re completely present.

The sad aspect is for many founders, entrepreneurs and senior executives building a sustainable career – personal relationships don’t withstand the test of time and their health is way down the balance sheet.

Life, Health, Friends and Family become collateral damage for the road to the top. 

Here’s a few quick tips how to NOT let that happen:

  1. Plan your winning week with ALL 6 pillars of Vitality: In order to be the ultimate leader we need to be the CEO of our business and our life which means having all those ultimate pillars of vitality daily.Health and well being, career, admin, productivity, personal admin, good family time, quality friends around you, time for yourself when you’re not exercising but doing anything else but you can just completely be present with yourself and giving back.
    Giving back could be random acts of kindness, it could be turning your phone off and reading a story to your kids, it could just be listening to a friend without any distractions.
  2. Be present today, don’t let the rest of your life be collateral damage for you as you build a successful business. The money will come in, the clients will be there the more you authentic you are, the better you do, and the better you balance a sustainable happy life in all areas.
  3. When you build a brand and a business it’s a huge responsibility as people to remain a consciously connected leader. As people come into your life, work with you, for you and form part of your circle of trust – we need to understand how to nurture the relationship with ourselves during highly demanding times, as well as the relationship with those who are important to us. Business or Personal.

It takes a great deal of attention and awareness to ensure your personal relationships, your health and your mental wellbeing remain just as vital and fulfilling as the work you love to do. 

Predictive ROI founder and self proclaimed Data Geek Stephen Woessner shared this quote with me,as we were chatting on the phone this morning about leadership legacy;
“The Man On The Top Of The Mountain Didn’t Fall There” Vincent Lombardi. ​​​​
So if you’re starting out, moving into a new round of VC, redefining your commercial landscape or mapping out “what’s next” in your career – remember to lead in life as well as in business. 
I hope I inspire you to think about that ultimate blend of work, life, personal, and emotional success. This is it! FedEx is not going to send you a new body tomorrow so enjoy every single day every single moment and have quality relationships in everything you do.


Yours in ultimate vitality a seamless success







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PS: To those of you I’ve met from Geelong to Melbourne, Sydney to Auckland, Brisbane to Griffith Uni on the Gold Coast, to Noosa and Byron. To everyone I’ve met on the Finding Your Fitpreneur Book Tour and Boardroom sessions, incredible!  The last six to seven weeks have been crazy in a great way. We will be adding the whole selection of photos from this last set of destinations shortly on my Facebook page. Got any to add please send them over or share on the timeline. 

Each of you has left an impression, the questions that you asked and the moments, the express sessions in the boardroom or in the larger conference environment, it’s all been fantastic. Your generosity, your spirit, and your open perspective has been fantastic so I hope you’ve taken something away from those moments and top tools on planning your winning weeks and being the CEO of your life as well as your business.



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