Fitcognito – How To Workout Without Realising It!

Ever wanted to workout without even noticing it, or seemingly without trying? I have the answer for you.

I call it FITCOGNITO | Definition: Exercising without realising it. Camouflage Your Workouts.

Yes I know it’s not a real word – but it’s one I’ve added to the Niktionary – (along with other words like excitimating….don’t ask). Today’s post is my short, sharp and no-nonsense suggestion that you get off the couch and reconnect with movement every day.

One of the fastest way to get back into a healthy lifestyle, or maintain your routine,  is to find things you love to do that are active, involve moving and more often than not a good dose of some fresh air. Life is our gym and working out does not mean having to slog yourself off to the gym or classes you don’t enjoy. Reward your body, mind and soul with active living elements involving environments, activities and people you love.

  • Discover a new sport, activity or active hobby
  • Re-ignite an old sport, or activity
  • Start doing something fun with your family

Get inspired by what others are doing, but find exercises and activities that you want to do  – not that you feel you should be doing.  For me being in the ocean or around nature makes me forget I’m working out. It might be as simple as body surfing in some waves, hiking up a great spot with a view, or taking friends around the Noosa National Park.

I encourage you to try to forget about working out as a chore, and to find the fun in fitness. You’re working out without realising it because you are concentrating on having fun and the environment around you. Think differently about the holidays you book as well and look for ones that could have you trying something new, integrating some fresh air and a fresh perspective about ways to stay fit on the road.

Remember age is no barrier, nor the base fitness level. These things can be absolutely tailored – take your time, start at your level and take lessons if you need to. Here are just a FEW examples that will have you improving your cardio, boost your confidence and shed some pounds without noticing (consistency and actually doing it is key).

Team Spirit SMWTC

Team Spirit SMWTC

Fitcognito for adventurists!

  • Learn to surf
  • Learn to Kite Surf
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Mountain biking
  • Trail walking/hiking/running
  • Ocean or open water swimming
  • Cross Fit and effective fitness group training (choose your instructors and location carefully – they should give you max attention on technique when you are new)
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Supension Training
  • Orienteering/adventure sports
  • Triathlon  – join a club and make it social
  • Football/rugby/soccer/netball/team sports
  • Kettle Bell Workouts
  • H.I.T training
swim yourself slim

swim yourself slim

Fitcognito for those that like to play it a little more conservative

  • Jump back in the pool
  • Stand Up Paddle in flat water areas
  • Pilates/Yoga
  • Barre/Ballet inspired workouts
  • Gentle cycling or road cycling (it can get addictive)
  • Walking/Running (gentle running at a relaxed heart rate with great music can be fun..)
  • Outdoor fitness sessions
  • Swiss Ball workouts
  • Body Weight workouts
  • Tennis and racket sports
  • Xi Gong and Tai Chi
  • Golf – walk don’t take the buggy…

For the urban uber relaxed who might not own a pair of running shoes:

  • Get some snazzy gear and walk in the morning to get your coffee or green juice (I love Stylerunner, lululemon and Stylerunner man for great inspiring workout clothing that will have you looking sporty chic)
  • Try yoga in the park or some of the new infrared hot yoga studios
  • Walk around the cities you love to discover areas, culture, galleries and shops
  • Walk your dog twice a day – don’t have one, make a catch up with a friend and have a fit date
  • Do the WakeUpWorkout or something easy to do each day

Mid week office mayhem? Still no excuses:

  • Take at least 10-15minutes each day for fresh air
  • Walk to work or get off the public transport a bit earlier
  • Set up an office fresh air or core fitness fun session
  • Take the stairs not the elevator
  • Plan your agenda with a walk/run/cycle or catch up before or straight after work
  • Create a group fun run or challenge for charity
  • Get involved with your kids after school sports or activities
  • Pack your swim or yoga gear for a lunch time 3o minute session. Ask around for someone that will provide express sessions instead of 1 hour workouts.
  • Get up 15minutes earlier every day and walk the dog, practice breathing exercises, do 25 push ups or just jump out of bed and start a new habit!

Most of all think differently about what ‘exercising’ means to you now. Healthy living should be a seamless part of your life and adapt with your goals and commitments – but not be sacrificed for them.

Block time in your agenda at the beginning of each week for your wellness. Book a social fit date, a lesson, a class or just schedule 14 minutes (a number you’ll remember) into your day to do some body weight exercises and be present. Remember 1% of your day for 1oo days equals 100% change!

Go try something new, surprise yourself and your body with how great it feels to get fit without even realising it.

Got questions and need some more inspiration then drop me a comment below or hop onto my FITNESS section in this blog and download free workouts, top tips and easy to do exercises. Need motivation? Get my podcasts for Free on iTunes! With some amazing inspiring guests there is always a refreshing topic to help you get your goals off paper and into practise.

There are really no excuses but the ones we create ourselves.

Health & Happiness and go make it happen!

Nikki x

PS Here’s a 5 minute tone up you can do right now if you’re stuck for ideas 🙂

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