Fearless Focus. Daring to Define.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be chatting about Fearless Focus and the internal shifts that occur when you realise you’re letting go of all the old beliefs and building yourself the vital ingredients on your terms – creativity, vision and tenacity are rewarded when we don’t give up and lean in to the learning.

As we grow as leaders in life we are often confronted wiht outdated beliefs and programs. Those constructs that may have served us well to a certain point – but then things start to feel out of alignment.

Usually during this phase we ignore the signs and deny the need to look within and make any revelations or changes – and we just keep forging ahead.

  • Following the status quo
  • Looking for approval from others
  • Always projecting out for validation
  • Considering all the options and outcomes before making any moves

Pending where you are at in life – the universe may just throw you out of your safety “nest” if you’re not listening to a deeper message from within that starts questioning what you have been told and begins to fight for how you would like to move forward and build a bold life that enables your full potential.

Dare to Define

Rather than wait for a huge moment that forces change (or many of them) I encourage you to listen to your gut feeling that is niggling away and to back yourself. Not your ego and that noisey head of yours. Not all the rules and experiences from the past. But a new type of vision for the unknown future.

If you really WANT to achieve something then have Fearless focus.

  1. What are you backing yourself on this week?
  2. What would you like to be held accountable for on your masterful month plan?

This Latest mini mojo on Youtube was posted after filming with the Lorna Jane global team where I have been bought in to create a 2020 Mojo program with Lorna and Bill to empower and engage all levels within the company to have personal accountability. To be part of the change they’d like to see and to navigate as a strong unit into the future.

So I urge you today – to reach out, leave a comment if you’d like an accountability buddy.

As Jocko Willink says Extreme Accountability is called for to lead in life when things really matter you have to be prepared to back yourself…no excuses, blame, shame or guilt.

I hope you enjoyed this express mojo session.

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Nikki x



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