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Straight to the chase today for those of you who are struggling to get your wellbeing mojo on and blend your commercial and personal vitality. Here are my #noexcuses tried and tested top tips.

Couple of key points to remember:

1. Fedex is not going to send you a new body tomorrow* – this is it, the one you have, look after it. I say this to people time and time again. Nurture and know your health is your wealth

2. It is NEVER too late to put some extra TLC and attention back into running your body like your business. No matter what age, stage of life or physical and mental status right now – our physical and mental aptitude for positive reinforcement, nurturing and attention to wellbeing is incredible. Tiny changes in a daily routine can add up to massive results overall.

Here are my top 10 tips on how you can integrate (not negotiate) your fitness into your busy schedule.

If you think you have the best excuse, I have heard them all. Being busy is not a bad thing – it’s what you do with your time that matters.

Fast Fitness Tip 1: Start with the 1 percent rule – 15 minutes a day

No time  – nonsense! If you spend 15mins a day working on your fitness or wellbeing you will be 100% better off in 100 days. You cannot argue with that. So just carve out some time and stop telling yourself you need an hour to workout. It’s as simple as that. 

Fast Fitness Tip 2: Throw out the old script of hour workouts, gym visits and having to flog yourself for fitness.

So you’re running a business, balancing a family or transitioning with some new funding to work with a board of directors and shareholder results? Great! A perfect chance to revisit your health and fitness habits and give them a renewal that fits your lifestyle at the moment. Use your time in your agenda wisely. Replace long drawn out sessions with express sessions.

  • Consistency is key.

Exercising regularly in smaller amounts every day (whether thats a bit of yoga, a jog, swim or some core exercises)  – create better results than binge workouts. If you’re still expecting to do the same workout regime you did at university then best rework that. new life, new game plan. Start simple. 


Fast Fitness Tip 3: Reboot your mental hard drive about what being fit and healthy means

What does fit and healthy mean to you right now. Is it as simple as jumping out of the bed in the morning ready for the day, feeling fighting fit from within or smashing some new personal best at the New York Marathon? 

  • Just like business goals if you do not clearly define what success looks like to you then you’ll get what you are given.
  • For example my current fitness goals are holding handstands with correct technique, surfing (wish I learnt that when I was 5), improving my flexibility by 50%, using my new HQ gym set up 3 x per week when I’m back there for conditioning and functional fitness with weights. 

What does healthy and fit look like to you? 


Fast Fitness Tip 4: Fresh Air is Your Friend 

Nature is your gym and pretty much our playground. Getting out the door for walk and talks, ditching air conditioned environments and taking movement outside is crucial for vitality.

  • Our bodies need healthy doses of vitamin D and our minds need to see different landscapes and stimulus.
  • “I wish I did this earlier” One of the biggest things my clients always say to me 7 days into the Fresh Air Challenge is HOW SIMPLE it was and that they totally forgot they were working out. 

It’s not about needing to run either, there are a myriad of activities you can do from walking to cycling, swimming, stand up paddle, cross fit, bootcamps, stretching and yoga – the list is endless. No swipe card required. Nature is your fitness place

Fast Fitness Tip 5:  Travel Fit.

If you’re anything like me at the moment and you spend more time in the airline lounge than your own then you need to master the art of being travel fit.

  • Pack your workout gear
  • Download different fitness apps if you need the motivation that you can do from your hotel room, gym or outdoors.
  • When you are going to yoga or a PT session commit moves and sequences to memory so you can have your own “takeaway” fitness
  • Explore the city you’re in on foot 

The Wake Up Workout is ideal for this. Get the PDF here for free. 

Fast Fitness Tip 6: Stop pretending, wishing and whining about it and just do it.

What is your why? You can’t lead others if you do not apply resilience, balance and wellbeing into your life by example.

  • Get fit again for you and your family, demonstrate wellbeing to your teams by ensuring you are clearly creating priority moments for this in your time as part of you running your business.

This goes for start ups to large organisation CEO’s.  People watch you and learn from you so if all else fails remember your actions create your legacy. 

Plan fitness into your Winning Weeks. Make the time transparent. 

Fast Fitness Tip 7: Book a workout with a buddy.

We are more likely to stick to training and fitness plans when we have a partner in crime to do this with. Workout with a training buddy and get started by doing something simple. Schedule this in ahead of time each week.

  • Join a team or get back into a sport you love and get your team involved as a company incentive as well. Those who train together stay together and it’s a great way to spend quality time actually getting to know someone better. 

Kayaking in Fiji With Trevor Hendy

Fast Fitness Tip 8: Variety is Vital

Note this is not just about a round of golf or a walk and talk. Ensure you are getting fitness at many levels into your week – flexibility, strength, cardio and agility are crucial for total wellbeing. Ultimate Vitality is being 360 Fit.

  • Try yoga, get into a new sport just for fun but ensure you are working all the different elements of your body. Don’t just do what you have always known.
  • We get the greatest results when we do things outside the norm. If you sit a lot for work then look at swimming, yoga, cross fit and functional fitness activities.

Go to experts and certified trainers and group sessions where those leading it REALLY know there stuff. Do your research and start slow. Good PT’s will intuitively ensure you are building a solid foundation before getting injured and taking yourself out of action for weeks.

Fast Fitness Tip 9: Bucket List Your Fitness 

Go exploring new things and ideas. Chances are your weekly landscape has changed with responsibilities you now have  – therefore you probably need to change your approach and idea around fitness.

For example walking Roxy dog is actually part of the job description here at Vitality HQ. It ensures my team get up away from the computer, move regularly and get plenty of fresh air.

Even if it’s 5-7 minutes they come back refreshed and rejuvenated. We also find new goals and team events to sign up  for an I encourage everyone to look at an exciting “outside the box” personal goal to try. Like the Webber Challenge I did a couple of years ago. Hard work but SO MUCH fun. 

Fast Fitness Tip 10: FUN! 

Why do we all stop playing? Mind you I am taking myself out of that generalisation as I have definitely NOT stopped playing. You’re not too old for handstands, adventures, hikes, bikes, golf and more.

  • Go give it a go without having to be perfect. For me fitness is Fun. I have not had a gym membership for over 10 years. I integrate wellbeing into my day in a way it motivates me.
  • Listening to your body and deploying quick program options when you are tired or extremely busy. Where there is purpose and passion there are results.

So go find out what you love to do. Spend the next 30 days signing up and trialling new activities, exercises, group training and workouts and see what resonates. 

So what’s next? Keep it simple and go have some fun with this: 

Overall we are all busy – but we need to be the CEO of our life as well as our business. Value your health, reignite the fun around fitness and start to feel what fit really is when you make those small changes to give your body the respect and attention it deserves. It is so worth it.

Wishing you a winning week where you can see the light for blending fitness back into your day and rebuild your confidence to be personally AND commercial successful in all you do.

Yours in Vitality & Extra Mojo






Fedex is not going to send you a new body tomorrow**From the Niktionary


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