Evolution Not Resolution - The 3 R's of Goal Setting Evolution Not Resolution

The secret to successful goal setting.

At this time of year the internet is flooded with goal setting, resolution guides and “New Year New You” messages.

I want to shed the old outlook that you need to continuously reinvent yourself every 1st of Jan! It’s all about a natural evolution not just resolutions.

New Year is great chance to review and set goals for sure  – however instead of reinvention and massive big mantra’s, why not think of your goals as an evolution of yourself and your experience to date.

An extremely powerful connection occurs when you are connect the learnings of where you have come from – with the ambition and vision for where you’re going next. 

Today’s mojo message is really a super simple and short blog post to give you a fresh perspective for your goal setting this year. In Business and in Life. My 3 Simple Steps to get a strong GPS for the year ahead and your ultimate Vitality Road Map™. 


You are in the drivers seat.  So here’s how to navigate your way to some awesome destinations…


First up – grab a big sheet of clean paper, a favourite pen (or any pen) and follow these next steps.

Successful Goal Setting Evolution Step 1

Think about your 3 pillars of Ultimate Vitality™ – Create 3 Areas of Your Page – One for Each

  1. Healthy (fitness, wellbeing, energy, nutrition, Me Time etc)
  2. Wealthy (personal and commercial admin, finance, planning and future proofing)
  3. Wise (experience, education, qualifications, mindset, harmony, growth mentally and emotionally)

Identify your key areas for focus, growth and achievement that are important to you in each of those pillars. 

  • Make a series of bullet points under each one and brainstorm the heck out of this part.

Successful Goal Setting Evolution Step 2

Once you’re happy with your master list under each pillar, review your list of goals and vision ideas based on the following 3 R’s of Goal Setting;

  1. Does this goal Resonate with you and your core values – does it “light you up”, excite you, drive you and energise you?
  2. Is this goal Relevant to YOU. Is this a goal you have chosen for yourself or is it someone else’s goal you kind of like the idea of?  Make sure you are inspired by others, yet stay true to what works and motivates you and your life by design.
  3. Is this a Real-Time goal. Meaning somewhere on that list of yours you need goals you can immediately start working on, even if it is baby steps. Blue sky thinking is fantastic and I urge you to go beyond what you ever thought possible. However, you need to be prepared to create a clear road map to get there. This means checking in with likely timelines to achieve your goal. Choosing milestones along the way to that bigger goal are all part of the process. 

Nikki Fogden-Moore The 3 R's of Goal Setting

Every year is a chance to build on what you know, love and can imagine. Don’t let the past experiences that were ‘negative’ become fears and hold you back.

Everything has a purpose in life, it’s not the event it’s your perspective that determines the outcome.

Successful Goal Setting Evolution Step 3

Don’t try to continuously reinvent yourself. We can be so critical of our own success, and try to make new goals and milestones before even recognising all that we’ve achieved to date. Be proud of who you are, what you have done to date and the fact that you’re able to create, change, review and make choices. Harness that energy looking forward and be pragmatic about what or who will no longer serve you. 

Bring your experience and your wisdom together so you become the very best version of you – rather than always trying to pivot and change without being satisfied.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate your personality. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else.

For example if you’re working on your leadership this year, remember you need to be courageous and be authentic. The more responsibility we have in life the more you need to stay true to your personality and show more sides of yourself to allow others to know, like and trust you. 

If last year was challenging and you can’t wait to leave it behind, OR, if it was one you wish you could repeat, remember

  • Learn from your experience
  • Be inspired by others but set goals that are TRUE TO YOU
  • Ensure it comes back to calibrate with your WHY

Above and beyond remember that you absolutely need to be clear about what’s important to you and where you want to spend your time and energy. Otherwise you’ll just continue on autopilot.

The crucial aspect is respecting any goal setting period, whether it’s Jan 1 or every 90 days, and giving yourself the time and space to think and strategise clearly. No distractions.


The effort you put in to ensure your goals are relevant, resonate and real-time will pay off x 10 in both business and personal areas of life. They both go hand in hand. 


Remember we are all leaders, whether we think we are or not – so consider this year how you can bring out your best to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

If you’d like to fast track this years “resolutions” and get your goal setting into the A-Game then get in touch below or sign up for a power hour coaching call. There’s a lot of magic in a Mojo Maker coaching call.

Yours in ultimate vitality and happy evolution into a fabulous next phase

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5 immediate next steps you can take

  1. Do the Finding Your Why exercise – Get the free fast track Finding Your Why PDF here
  2. Do the What Do You Value the Most exercise
  3. Create Your 90 Day Plan
  4. Drop me a note below if you need help or want to find out more – or better still…..go to point 5.
  5. Book a Power Hour Mojo Making Call with me to figure out all of the above!

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