Destination Unknown – When Goal Setting is Not everything

When it’s OK not to have a 90 day plan, know your purpose or have a list of New Years resolutions. The art of being present and enjoying the journey. 


I’m just going to undo the status quo here a bit, buck the system, go against the social media frenzy about goal setting just for a nano break.

To remind that it’s OK to be enjoying the journey right now and when it’s important to sit back and go with the flow.

All this goal setting talk and resolution ramp up is creating quite a storm in a teacup for some people.


  • What if you don’t know what you really really want?
  • What if you are not living your purpose?
  • What if you have NO clue what actually makes you happy?
  • What if you’re fine with the right now, the just as is?


January can be like a spotlight on your business and personal soul if you’re not running out of the gates laced up, 90 day plan in hand and ready to take on the world. It can be daunting to start the year without a strong sense of direction.

Let me be clear. I am right behind the philosophy of planning and more importantly executing. In fact it’s a cornerstone of my Vitality Road Map and crucial for you to create the life you want.

However, I believe even more so that we need to take time to ensure the goals we set and plans we make are relevant, resonate and realtime.

Relevant: Is this relevant to you, your overall mission, the business, what you want for yourself and your family – or were you just inspired by someone else’s life on Instagram?

Resonate: Is this truly something that is meaningful to you, vital for your business and a goal you stand behind

Realtime: Can you make milestones that progress you there on a daily and weekly basis?


Don’t let the world wide web and those next to you take you off your course of the unknown.  It is absolutely OK to just be and NOT have it all figured out.

If you don’t have your 90 day plan done yet (something I will talk about on my podcast next week) don’t panic.

The world will not collapse.

You will not be alienated off Instagram and Facebook. Things will be alright.


In your own good time

Contrary to popular belief the desire to make a life plan can sometimes put people in more of a tail spin than before.

It can create enormous pressure on those that have not yet taken time to consider ‘what’s next’ when they are constantly faced with questions about what they want, by when and how are they going to get there.


Don’t judge

If you’re one of those chosen souls who are fired up this year with purpose, passion and living what you love then that is just pretty darn fantastic and I know how you feel. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a strong inner compass for over a decade that kept me on track to create Vitality and all that I am doing now. Lucky us!

However, a gentle reminder that our role, when being the best version of ourselves, is to understand that others have a different path. To accept that. Not having a goal right now is not bully worthy. Not knowing your focus is not reason to “put baby in the corner” (for those of you who don’t know that Patrick Swayze movie…). What this means is, don’t keep pushing those you love and care about to be on the same fired up goal setting trajectory you might be right now.


Different strokes, different folks – or is it the other way round? 

First up; the world needs the magical blend of the idea sowers, the doers, the reapers and the ones that are always chasing the reward. The entrepreneurs, the wantrepreneurs and the been-there and done-that movers and shakers.

It’s the mix of all types of personalities, sense of responsibilities, of dedicated souls and of those that are yet to find their way that makes this rich tapestry of our world so darn interesting.


VRM_Series2_Quote53A Sense of Purpose is a privilege. 

When we have passion and purpose and clarity it’s a real privilege. It’s not easy to come by and some people may never figure out what their direction in life is, as it’s the journey that makes up their road map as they go along. Let go of any judgement and be there to support, to share ideas and encourage when possible – but only if asked.


Live and let live


Accept that a friend, partner or colleague may not have the same burning desire to solve the worlds issues as you do. To climb the corporate ladder, to buy that dream car or travel to far away destinations. Perhaps they are after the simplicity of happiness at home, with the now in it’s purest form. Just being.


For those of you that are reading this thinking, yep that’s me, everyone’s waiting to hear my new year resolutions, my goals and what I have on my “purpose” list … but I just don’t have anything..

Well that’s OK. Enjoy the art of just being. All you need to ask yourself is:

  • does this feel right to me right now
  • am I happy with the right now if this was it

Then trust that when you are ready to get all ghetto on goal setting –  the tools, the support and the road map is there. All you need to do is ask.


I’m a firm believer in constantly doing a Vitality Check in –  a review of your deposits and withdrawals on your energy, your work, your friends/family and purpose. You’ll know when the time is right to adjust your course and set sail in a new direction. Until then bask in the bliss that is the art of being present, of slowing down and enjoying exactly where you are right now.

When you’re ready just reach out.


Yours in Vitality


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