The To Be List, Not A To Do List – Weekly Planning On Purpose

Creating a Weekly To Be List, Not A To Do List – How To Lead with Planning On Purpose and ensure you are engaged, empowered and agile in life.

As we reach the peaks of productivity and look at how we work virtually + how we inspire our teams and family, it’s important to look at actions not just words.

Planning your week is a basic element even in times of uncertainty – so rather than being on autopilot here is a chance to look at setting up a framework that matters.

I’ve just got off the phone with one of my awesome leaders. Working on developing the aspect of leading from within with his teams and in a definitive time of crisis all eyes were on him. So how can he as a leader stay agile and visionary during the most challenging of times.

He quoted a new perspective on action plans blending his week. “Instead of doing a to-do list each week, create a to-be list.”

Here’s how you can apply this motto too

1 – Be On Purpose

I think that’s really, really important at the moment, as you’re going through all this chaos.

As we reaching the peaks of productivity wise, how we work virtually, and how we inspire our teams it’s important to look at actions not just words.

How are you SHOWING up in life and work right now.

  • The choice of language that you use
  • The practicality that you apply to your weeks regardless how busy things are at the moment and how much they change within hour to hour – let alone day to day.
  • The fundamental aspects of doing life that require you to be fully engaged.
  • Are you incorporating fun, creativity, balance and harmony in your day and week. VERY important.  

2 – Be Agile

Life is a Rally – Be Agile There are so many changes. Many elements are going to be out of your control.

Your mission at the moment is to stay centred and grounded – to think about how your actions determine your outcomes.

Be Responsible But Be Open

As a leader, you have a responsibility as well to listen and provide updates, but you don’t necessarily need to know all the answers.

That’s the most important thing.

Right now, for example with the March 2020 Pandemic, we do not know all the answers. So it requires a blend of practicality with the ability to surrender that control and to let go of needing to be the person that knows it or be the person that gives every solution. 

Sometimes you’re just going to have to be in this journey with your staff and with your family.

  • Ensure that you provide a framework for a safe place for concerns to come out a safe place for conversation to happen.
  • Keep that conversation productive, practical and positive.

This is not the first time in the last decade that we’ve had a disaster. This won’t be the last time so it’s how we deal with situations that come through our life.

Everything you do now creates a ripple effect for the next three weeks, three months, six months and beyond. 

3 – Be Considered

As you go about your week and you’ve made a mission to stay grounded – what is your to be list this week?

  • How are you going to show up? 
  • What are the crucial elements

Don’t despair, be dedicated to using your words, your thoughts, your actions really carefully. Don’t get caught up in gossip, drama, fear mongering.

  1. Be practical instead of panic
  2. Be productive instead of procrastination
  3. Most importantly, how do you just reach out in times of crisis to use this as a positive opportunity to buy local, to support your local businesses and farmers, to sit around the dinner table instead of going out all the time and actually have a conversation with your family, get to know your kids be more resourceful. 
  4. Use nature as your gym and start to really discover how cool it is to actually spend time on your own.

4 – Be comfortable with time with yourself

So often, we don’t want to spend any time on our own because we feel that we are missing out. Now we’re into forced social isolation during March, it is a great example of how you can go deep within reflect and take the pressure off yourself.

Coping is not a strategy.

Use meditation, exercise, music and creative projects to switch off and activate positive endorphins and allow a chemical reset away from stress and into zen.

Remember your vibe attracts your tribe. As your leader, it’s really important that you lead by example at the moment and you create that safe space for yourself and others to thrive. Oxygen mask first.

Be the change you want to see.

Be positive, be supportive, be courageous and stay vibing high.

Stay healthy, wealthy and wise.


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