Create the Life You Want – Luck has Nothing to Do With It.

TYGO_UnderwaterIf anyone says to me “you’re so lucky” my first reaction to is laugh out loud, and secondly be reminded of how things can be so different from the outside looking in.

Creating the life you want takes conviction. Combine vision, a tireless hard work ethic, living fearlessly, taking leaps of faith and at times true grit to really follow your dreams. I would also add to that some crazy creative thinking and eternal optimism.

Be rest assured the universe will challenge your conviction when you start to give up your day job for your dream job.

My decision started 10 years ago – and what a ride it’s been! I choose the ocean as my inspiration, my home as my office and my running shoes as my meditation tool. It’s all personal.

Fast forward to the last week – I just turned 39 (YEUW!) and spent the last 7 days in the picture perfect Six Senses Maldives for a trip with The Perfect Wave and Ben Wilson. What an office that was.. Being there is not by accident and it’s not all hammocks and cocktails. It’s all part of my job – living what I love. I chose to make my office as much outdoors as I can and to truly practice what I preach to my clients.  No matter what your direction outside of the norm, be prepared to work doubly hard, make things happen and make a difference doing what you love.

Everyday we have a chance to create the day we want and build on creating the life we want.  The steps in between are exciting, demanding, challenging and can reveal more about yourself than you would expect. The most important element is you have to know what you want.  If you have the conviction for what you do and most importantly WHY then you will succeed. Do not give up.

My biggest advice is to be authentic.

My own journey helps me create truly personalised products and programs for others. This is why we can be the home of 5 star fitness and vitality.  The challenges of going against the grain, creating my own goals and a fresh mindset help me create unique and authentic products for my clients.

The person you see in the magazines is the person you meet when you come on a Bodibreak or I present at an event. There is no difference.  I share my personal experience, tragedy and triumphs, as we are a family.

I am passionate about what I do and will take as long as I need to ensure I follow the path with integrity and authenticity. It might take longer to build this ‘house’ but I know it will be based upon solid foundations, a fantastic vision and incredible elements that are authentic and consistent.

Keeping it real: I have an incredible amount of empathy for my clients who are driven, hard working individuals that put their own personal health and the bottom of the list each day. I know what an 80 hour work week looks and feels like. I understand the practicalities of 5 days away from home and how it messes with your routine. This enables me to create personalised programs and products that get results. I keep it real.

Be inspired:  Be motivated to achieve by the success of others you respect and admire –  but remember to keep your dreams real to you. Your goals should be intrinsically yours. Your ideas, your vision and the way in which you activate them should come from a place of authenticity. Inspiration also comes from within.

Change your mindset: Every day when you wake up you have a choice. The way you think directly impacts the day you are going to have, and the foundation your are building for your future.

Live consciously:  Be aware, have goals and a sense of purpose. Surround yourself with a dream team of people that are the best in what they do and with whom you authentically connect. Have fun whenever you can, appreciate the good times and great people  as you develop the next phase.

Whether it’s becoming fitter, healthier, happier or wealthier  – you are in charge.

If you’re not sure what your “true north” is, take time to really focus on what you love and combine that with what you excel in. Be honest, be open and be authentically you.

Create the life you want – luck has nothing to do with it.

Health & Happiness!

Nikki x

3 Quick Links to Inspirational authentic Achievers I collaborate with,  who follow their own conviction and go against the grain in their industry:

Ben Wilson

Layne Beachley

Janine Garner

Plus check out these 3 people I admire and enjoy following their journey :  they let go of fear and live their full potential

Heather Swan at

Paul de Gelder at 

Carly Findlay at carly











  1. Jaimielle on May 16, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Great Blog Nikki, reading your blog was similar to having my morning coffee, it made my heart quicken and armed me for the rest of the day with conviction!
    Thanks for the wisdom as always:)

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