How to back yourself in the dark before the road is clearly lit when you have the courage to change

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Are you trusting the space between leaping and landing? Anyone who runs a business, wants more for themselves and their family, has a vision for life and is connected to making your time here one of impact,  will know that there is only so much time you can run on autopilot before you KNOW you need to do something different.

Many leaders I work with have the courageous task of not just shifting the parameters in their own lives, but making changes that will result in future generations no longer sitting in destructive co-dependent and stifled belief systems. The changes you create in yourself will be reflected in your outside world. This takes bravery. 

In the LEAP MATRIX™ as part of my coaching models (and it’s been a recent Mojo (click here to revisit) I talk about the walls of (dis)comfort and how staying stuck in stories, expectations and not taking action due to blame, shame and guilt is the falsest sense of security we can ever have.

– The world needs you to courageous. 
– It needs you to step up, suit up and command a higher consciousness for your decision making. 
– To not stay stuck for fear of failure and the past but to realise you are probably being triggered and push to break free of all of that and pave your own way. 

So if this is you and you’re reading this  – even if it’s a bumpy, veiled and painful step that you’re going through – congratulations for stepping up and showing up for yourself. That is where all the magic lies, when we actually realise there is more available to us than we could ever fathom. 

In today’s Mojo I’ll give you the 3 things to be aware of as you ascend and transcend old limiting beliefs and 3 ways to lean in to this rally of life and your growth.

What can happen when you let go of the walls of (dis) comfort? 

3 things to be aware of as you ascend and transcend old limiting beliefs: 

1. Triggers and tests. As you evolve in your personal and commercial world no doubt there are a myriad of triggers, tests, highs and lows and a stack of unknown.

2. SOS (Shiny object syndrome) you’ll probably get presented with people being suddenly nice to you again as they sense you are creating healthy boundaries and beginning to think for your sovereign self. Remember the truth series  – ANYONE who has your best interest will encourage you to sort your own side of the street out and not control you or your ideas. Hold your line. 

3.  Darkness – the space where all the lights on the road are not well lit as yet and you wonder if you have taken a wrong turn.  It may also feel like you have no support. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t see yet – and the feeling of I can’t go back and I don’t know what’s in front of me.This is the natural feeling when you start to truly make decisions based on your needs and wants and not other peoples. You’ll get used to lighting up the runway yourself. Be patient. 


As you step up into the next dimension of personal and commercial growth – it will mean you could experience a complete ‘gap’ between where you were and where you expect to land.

This is the space I call trust and faith. You need both of those elements when you decide to take a leap and move away from old limiting beliefs, situations, people, places and things and go after where your real purpose lies. 

How do you navigate this leap of faith and that space between – 

Here are the 3 ways to lean in to this rally of life and your growth

1. Recognise your ego voice from the purpose voice. Stop listening to your ego. However clever it becomes. A noisey mind is a dusty trail with low visibility. Overthinking is NOT the answer. It will keep you stuck, take all your energy and wear you down. To adult the rally of life we must discerning old programming versus the quiet, sound and usually one to three word intuitive guide of self. Have a look at your ego is not your amigo and go all the way through the truth series again to gain confidence and understanding of how to navigate that.

2. Focus – the opposite of distraction is laser focus. Don’t expect to take a leap and not trust the time required for the good elements to arrive. Clutching at lifelines as you are hovering out in the world of opportunity is not the answer. Give your self a week, then 2 weeks and then a month. Break it down to day by day if needed. 

DO NOT get distracted by sweet deals and sweet words as people try to pull you back into fitting the paradigm from before. Stay calm, centred and grounded. If you’re always checking whether it’s right or wrong from others – you won’t get the chance to see your own potential. 

3. Light – Follow it. That teeny tiny knowing inside of you that says “despite how scary this is and how much I feel I could fail all the old parameters and people – I have to keep going, I can’t turn back”. Listen to that very quiet, almost indistinguishable inner voice. That is your inner gps. It will get stronger and louder as you proceed. That is your light. Follow it. 

🦄 fortune favours the bold – you can’t see the beauty of what lies ahead for you if you’re stuck in the stories of what hasn’t worked out before.Be the CEO of your life – back yourself and your crazy ideas. Take one step and the universe will come in and provide the next.

I just want to add one thing and this is not ‘woowoo or anything’. It is an essential ingredient. Do everything from a place of love. Every deal, action, decision. Good money has good energy. Good relationships are for love not logistics and keeping things together to prevent ‘failure’. If you can pour a creation of love in as a vital ingredient you will get the greatest results back. Choose those to work with and live with who have that shared frequency otherwise you will forever feel like something is missing. It takes courage but it is worth it.

I know many of you have had to leave behind some long standing foundations of what the idea of success, family, fatherhood, parenthood, partnerships, finance and fun were supposed to be. Trust this. Lean in to your future. 

There is a reason the rear vision mirror is smaller than the windscreen. 

Regret kills more happiness than anything. Acknowledge the past but do not let it handbrake your future.

You matter. I care – tell me how I can help if this resonated with you, just hit reply.

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Otherwise,  I trust you are enjoying these tools, tips and musings on how you can tackle the rally of life with both hands fully on the steering wheel. The conditions are always perfect. 


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