Courage #2 Taking the Unpaved Road

How to take and create the alternative route in life and work

When you want to do things differently from anyone else, how do you take the steps to back your ideas, set parameters to stay true to you and create a pathway that is totally new?

Last week on the Mojo we kicked off the courage series with daring to pioneer. The against all odds (& others), harnessing the feeling that we need to overcome those roadblocks to start backing ourselves.

This week is #2 in the Courage Series – taking and creating the alternate route. It’s the Action matrix™:
– what to do to take the steps to actually be the change and identify the roadblocks as they arise.
– then go around those rather than get stuck at checkpoints that really don’t matter.

Now more than ever, many of you are feeling like you have to “give up everything to gain everything” if that makes sense ….

It’s the choice between fear and curiosity – the steps between idea and result…. lean in.

It’s worth it.

This video today will take you through the Action Matrix™ what 3 steps do you need to commit to take and create the alternate route.

  • How to take grounded steps to build a solid foundation when you’re the one designing landscape of what success looks like and how you get there.
  • Recognise the perceived hurdles and write every limiting thought down so that you get to identify if it requires an action or if it is just a perception that needs to be overcome.

Please remember, it’s just the first few steps that matter, we must have a sense of the wild unknown and allow there to be intrigue otherwise nothing would ever be ventured into.

Be prepared for space between past and future alignments

For many of you who have taken a stand to say no, or to try something different, to identify behaviour that is not ok or set clear boundaries –  well done and I’m sure that has left you feeling incredibly exposed and unsupported when you may have needed support the most.

Remember people’s lack of reaction is not a rejection of you being worth it

– > it is a direct reflection of their own values and fears

– >  it takes strength to stand by others who take the road less travelled.

  1. Be courageous – the world needs leaders who stand true.
  2. Be patient as you will find those who resonate, it just might mean there is a little darkness between one road before the other is lit up for you.

Never lower your standards to suit others insecurities.

We need to be the change we want to see not just talk about it. 🌟⚡️

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