Cement the Basics for sustainable Success

Hi guys welcome back to (this also be on my IGTV @nfogdenmoore)

Today’s mini mojo is a short sharp basic reminder that you are in charge of your destiny 🚗 and how you show up on a daily basis to build solid foundations for sustainable success.

Cement the Basics with the 4 core points
  1. Financial Acuity
  2. Sustainable wellbeing plans
  3. Emotional Growth
  4. A solid set of foundations to build from

1. Financial acuity and getting curious instead of afraid of what building your finances and a solid foundation really means.

2. Making sure that you put sustainable well-being nutrition and exercise plans in place that you can do no matter where you are without disruption.

3. Being accountable for your emotional growth as much as your intellectual growth understanding that what are used to trigger you in the past doesn’t need to set you off in the future.

  • Invest in getting to know the difference between your ego and self/your intuition and that the importance of emotional maturity is equally as valuable as intellectual and financial growth.

4. 👍 Lastly; there is nothing more important than having a solid set of foundations from which to amplify, grow and be agile from.

  • Look under the hood into your life at the moment and don’t be afraid of the things that are giving you anxiety but instead look deeper there : the red flags 🚩 get curious, get informed and instead turn them around to be an area of possibility and information gathering to apply what could work best for you – because these are areas of your greatest growth.

I hope this little session has given you a re-focus point to remember that you are in the drivers seat of your life and it’s the simple clicks In coordinates that create the biggest changes for lasting success.

I look forward to seeing you on my YouTube channel vitality coach TV and The Mojo Maker Podcast on iTunes, Spotify and all platforms. Thank you for tuning in and until next time stay healthy, wealthy and wise. Please share, tag and like to, if you feel someone could do with this message today.

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