The Power Of The Pause

The Power Of The Pause I recently wrote about the importance of the PAUSE for CEO Magazine – Why taking regular breaks during your day can reboot your mental and physical hard drive to reduce stress and increase productivity. If you’re not running your body like your business then you’re missing a huge opportunity to operate…

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A Nano Break – 5 Tips To De-Stress Right Now

A Nano Break  – 5 Tips To De-Stress Right Now. A Busy persons guide to re-booting your hard drive. Do you find your ability to deal with stress is more difficult lately?  Does it feel as if life is just speeding by and you’re running from one thing to the next without time to pause and…

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What Do You Value The Most

What Do You Value The Most So, hi there…what do you truly value the most? What drives you? What holds you back?   There is nothing more powerful than when your goals and your actions are truly aligned with your values and your beliefs.   I have always stated this in my coaching and I…

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The Power Of Leading From Within

The Power Of Leading From Within Why it’s so crucial to consider the shadow you cast and how your actions influence those around you in business and in life.  There’s an art to running a sustainable, well performing company of any size, managing your own business or bringing a family together during busy lives.  …

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The 3 Dimensions of Resilience In Leadership And In Life

The 3 Dimensions of Resilience in Leadership and in Life  – what it really means. Someone asked me today why I was smiling despite all that has occurred in the last 6 days with my father in ICU. I replied that I have a LOT to be thankful for. There were certainly moments when sadness, grief and…

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7 Steps From Stress(ed) To Success

7 Steps From Stressed to Success Stressed Out? Overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck in a rut, wading through mud and emotionally burnt out? No spark, no mojo, just monotony? You’re Not Alone In 2015 it was quoted 64% of people were stressed.   According to the Huffington Post 8 In 10 Americans Are Stressed About Their Jobs. Australia…

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The 3 Pillars Of Vitality To Start Right Now

The 3 Pillars Of Vitality How to get back in control of living a life with energy, purpose and feel fantastic without turning everything upside down.  Are you firing on all cylinders or close to burnout? Whether you’re leading a family, building your business or sitting on a board of directors you’re all leaders in…

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