TVC 0689 From Stressed To Success

TVC069 From Stressed To Success

TVC069 Stressed To Success.  Overspent and undernourished? What to do when you’re stressed, finances, energy and your mental hard drive is depleted. This podcast topic came via some of you who wrote in and asked how, when I coach with my clients, how we can so quickly get them feeling back in control and having…

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Nikki Fogden-Moore on hard work versus working hard

Hard Work versus Working Hard

Hard Work versus Working Hard There is a fundamental difference in the energy it takes when we are facing the Hard Work factor or Working Hard. I like to describe the energy levels of these 2 elements as follows: Hard work – ENERGY (vitality) OUT Working hard – ENERGY (vitality) IN. The distinction comes in the…

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Stressed out, feeling overwhelmed and lost your Mojo?  Maybe what you need is a good old fashioned dose of laughing. After a big 3 days of strategy with Thought Leaders I was chatting with Liverpoolian ‘speaker extraordinaire’ Collin Ellis about the power of humour. That conversation sparked today’s blog post. So…

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How We Connect Nikki Fogden-Moore

How We Connect For Crucial Chats

How We Connect Women talk Face to Face, Men Talk Side By Side. This was one of the points that Play Bigger co-founder Al Ramadan and I were talking about on a recent podcast. Generally speaking women like to discuss, share and dissect issues face to face. It’s how they feel connected and considered. Eye to…

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Authentic Leadership – Walk Your Line

Authentic Leadership – Walk Your Line. It’s crucial to take ownership in business and in life. Easier said than done I know, as all to often we want to bring a story into a situation and get emotionally caught up in an event, action or outcome. We want to try and please everyone then feel wronged…

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TVC063: Remarkability With Rowdy McLean

TVC063: Remarkability With Rowdy McLean What makes individuals great, do their personal best and be their personal best? It’s the focus on being remarkable. I’m fortunate enough to be in a very special Mastermind group with international super star speakers, authors and coaches Rowdy McLean, Jane Anderson and the fabulous Keith Abraham.  My dream team. Keith and I…

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The Power Of The Pause

The Power Of The Pause I recently wrote about the importance of the PAUSE for CEO Magazine – Why taking regular breaks during your day can reboot your mental and physical hard drive to reduce stress and increase productivity. If you’re not running your body like your business then you’re missing a huge opportunity to operate…

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