TVC063: Remarkability With Rowdy McLean

TVC063: Remarkability With Rowdy McLean What makes individuals great, do their personal best and be their personal best? It’s the focus on being remarkable. I’m fortunate enough to be in a very special Mastermind group with international super star speakers, authors and coaches Rowdy McLean, Jane Anderson and the fabulous Keith Abraham.  My dream team. Keith and I…

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TVC061: One Wave Tackling Depression

One Wave Is all It Takes – Tackling Depression and talking facts on how to support those around you at work and at home.  Mental health, what does that really mean? Is that confined to social media, teenagers, those out of work, stressful situations in your career or not really finding a place anymore in life…

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The Power Of Leading From Within

The Power Of Leading From Within Why it’s so crucial to consider the shadow you cast and how your actions influence those around you in business and in life.  There’s an art to running a sustainable, well performing company of any size, managing your own business or bringing a family together during busy lives.  …

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TVC 060 Digital Detoxing with Tim Reid

TVC 060 Digital Detoxing With guest Tim Reid Digital Detox and the art of looking up. Part of the influencer series is scouring the world for people who really are living and creating the life they love not only in business but also in life. I didn’t leave the continent for my next guest as he’s…

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TVC055 James Schramko on Life By Design

TVC055 James Schramko Life By Design When I asked Super Fast Business founder James Schramko to come on the show, I sent an email to him that says lets discuss, “The Myth of Work-Life Balance”. He wrote back and said, “No, It’s work life success. It’s how to work from anywhere at your schedule. It’s taking advantage…

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TVC 054 Life By Design with Greg Merrilees

TVC054 Life By Design with Greg Merrilees Hi guys. Welcome back to The Vitality Coach Podcast. You know it’s such an inspiring moment for me recording our show as I always get to speak to these incredible entrepreneurs and business people that are creating their life they love – with the reality of  struggle, challenges and just realising…

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TVC053: The Vitality Bank with Chris Dufey

TVC053 The Vitality Bank with Chris Dufey Welcome back to The Vitality Coach Podcast as we kick off September with more from my Influencer Series. This episode I have the pleasure of interviewing  world leading Personal Trainer, Chris Dufey.   Producing excellent results and living a life you love requires balance, planning and consideration in business…

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