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TMM 106 Steve Tighe Future Proof

Are you Future Proof? Welcome to episode 106 with Author, Strategy guru and Futurist Steve Tighe. Self proclaimed lover of all things data and research, Steve’s mission for curiosity has put him front and centre as a pivotal “future” guide for the worlds best organisations. In this episode we discuss why too much data is…

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TMM105 Alison Flemming BroCode

In episode 105 Leadership Mojo© I talk with Alison Flemming, (General Manager of Finance for Scentre Group) about bro code from a woman’s perspective. As a GM in a highly commercial landscape we chat about how: diversity comes from within. to navigate your way through a male dominated domain. to deal with finding your space…

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TMM103 James Hunter Leadership Mojo©

In episode 103 Leadership Mojo© – I talk with James Hunter, National Managing Partner at KPMG Australia, on the power of authentic leadership. Why it requires accountability, shared intent and transformation from the top-down. James’ extensive leadership experience spans both corporate and military. With 15 years’ experience in a diverse range of corporate leadership roles…

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TMM100 The Gratitude Attitude

The Attitide of Gratitude. Why it’s absolutely crucial to enjoy the journey and celebrate what you have now, have done to date and done for others. Hi, guys, welcome from the wonderful Heliport Studios, where I recorded this episode on the fly with James Russell Music. Who would have thought that 8 year old kid…

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TMM 094 Founder Fitness Jamie Pride

TMM 094 Founder Fitness Jamie Pride Speaker, author of Unicorn Tears, serial entrepreneur & venture capitalist Jamie Pride talks the nitty gritty on why start ups fail and how to prevent it. Entrepreneurs need to failure-proof themselves by being Founder Fit. Approximately three start-ups are founded every minute. Of those start-ups, 92 per cent will fail…

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TMM 092 5 Steps To De-stress Right Now

TMM 092 5 Steps To De-stress Right Now A mini mojo podcast episode on the 5 things to stop stress when you’re running on overdrive. The steps to press pause, get perspective, feel more calm and in control. From my next book The Mojo Maker, I wanted to share the pillars I use to get…

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