TVC 010: 10 Traits of A Top Trainer

TVC010: 10 Traits of A Top Trainer  In this episode of my podcast I give you the top 10 traits of a fantastic coach. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, life coach or anyone that’s going to help you achieve your health, fitness and lifestyle goals, then it’s handy to think about what (or who)…

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TVC 009: Chatting Goals & Fun Fitness with Jaimie Jacobs

TVC 009: Chatting Goals & Fun Fitness with Jaimie Jacobs An open discussion as part of their Kitchen Table sessions, Nikki and Jaime  chat about setting each other a challenge, having the courage to try something new and finding the fun in fitness.  No matter where you are or what fitness level it’s about finding…

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TVC 008: Goal Setting 101

TVC Episode 008: Goal Setting 101 I am so excited to be able to help you make it THE year of your health and fitness life, by sharing my top tips on achieving your goals with the most important rule of all:  ACTIVE LIVING A goal does not become a reality until you create action.…

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TVC 007: Goal Setting with Gold Medalist Emma Snowsill

This week Nikki talks to Olympic triathlon gold medalist Emma Snowsill about goal setting and how to creat lasting change in your life.     Links: Emma Snowsill Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge January Free Goal Setting Program Brene Brown Video    

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TVC 006: Travel Fit and Festive Tips

TVC 006: Travel Fit and Festive  Episode 6 of my podcast is all about keeping fit while traveling and especially during the  holiday period. You’ll hear my top 10 tips on how you can balance healthy with a happy Christmas! These tips are also great if you travel for business or just away visiting relatives…

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TVC 005: The Training Mask with Jaimie Jacobs

TVC 005: The Training Mask with Jaimie Jacobs In Episode 5, Nikki talks with athlete Jaimie Jacobs about the Training Mask. A new device to help you build cardio fitness and VO2 max. Listen in so you can find out how to increase your lung capacity and cardio fitness while exercising or according to Pete…

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TVC 004: Accountability with Ironman Trevor Hendy

TVC 004: Accountability with Ironman Trevor Hendy In this weeks episode I once again speak with Ironman Trevor Hendy about the mindset it takes to move forward. We are talking about Accountability. Accountability to yourself and your environment and how you can short circuit those self-defeating thoughts that prevent you from reaching your goals. Links:…

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