Fit Food: Monday Mojo Green Smoothie

Fit Food: Monday Mojo Green Smoothie To help you get through your Monday mojo here’s my kick start smoothie for the week. Ready in 3 minutes and you’re out the door with this little number in your hand to kick start the week. I’ve just bought a Tribest personal blender and it’s already proving a…

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Fit Food: Bircher Muesli Almonds & Blueberries

Fit Food: Bircher Muesli Almonds & Blueberries It’s getting cooler in the Southern hemisphere now and a great way to kick start the day and boost your metabolism is with a hearty breakfast. You can make bircher muesli in so many different ways and it’s an easy to prepare dish  – getting things ready the…

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Fit Food: Poached Eggs With Avocado & Basil Salsa

Fit Food: Poached Eggs With Avocado & Basil Salsa Poached eggs on gluten free toast have been a go-to simple meal for me any time of day. If you’re working late and come home exhausted, chances are you’re not feeling like making a big meal and you’re more than likely apt to snack on things…

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Fit Food: Macadamia Honey Spinach Salad

Fit Food: Macadamia Honey Spinach Salad Aloha from Hawaii. Inspired by some local produce in Maui I have to share this delicious, refreshing and VERY easy to make salad that quickly became one of my favourite meals last week. What you’ll need (Try to get organic ingredients if possible and wash your greens in filtered…

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TVC 025: Is Diet A Dirty Word?

TVC 025: Is Diet A Dirty Word? In this episode Nikki talks about the importance of trusting the knowledge you have, listening to your body and being accountable for your optimal health and wellbeing. A lighter look at how you can keep it simple. Feeling fantastic is not about strict diets or giving up foods but…

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Dairy Free Banana Green Tea Ice Cream

 Dairy Free Banana Green Tea Ice Cream This recipe has been tried and tested and recently shared from Body Science,  using just 2 ingredients it’s dairy free, delicious and down right addictive. I’m dairy free and try to stay away from Soy, so powders like Matcha green tea, maca, coconut powder and other super foods are…

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Fresh Food – Dumplings Made Easy

Fresh Food –  Dumplings Made Easy Struggling to be inspired about cooking something when you get home from work?  Wishing your kids would eat their vegetables? Then this new innovation in the kitchen from Rice Cube inventor Ross Patten, could make you the at home ‘Master Chef’  in no time. Just awarded the Best Innovative…

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