TVC057 The 3 Pillars For Ultimate Leadership

TVC057 The 3 Pillars For Ultimate Leadership In Business and in Life In this podcast I share the top 3 pillars of creating change as a leader and living the life you love, not only in business but in life with your family, with your friends and just for yourself. As a parent you’re a leader. As…

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Goal Setting 2.0: Gold Stars For Adults

Goal Setting 2.0 –  Gold Stars For Adults Why Do We Stop Rewarding Milestones Along The Way? Part of creating the life you want is being able to identify goals and then strategise how to achieve them. Why do we stop giving out gold stars as we get older? The problem? Most of us get so caught…

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TVC055 James Schramko on Life By Design

TVC055 James Schramko Life By Design When I asked Super Fast Business founder James Schramko to come on the show, I sent an email to him that says lets discuss, “The Myth of Work-Life Balance”. He wrote back and said, “No, It’s work life success. It’s how to work from anywhere at your schedule. It’s taking advantage…

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Customer Connection: From Zero To Hero

Customer Connection: From Zero To Hero The art of customer service and personal connection How Virgin Australia won me over and why we shouldn’t forget that culture is created by people for people. I’ve been traveling for work and for life since I could get my hands on my passport; international, national, island hopping, cattle…

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TVC 052: Procrastination 101

TVC 052 Procrastination 101 with Keith Abraham In this episode I  welcome back to the show motivational and success coach Keith Abraham,  so we can get straight to the heart of procrastination 101. Why it’s your worst enemy to truly achieve your goals and top tips on how to stop procrastinating and start doing! A…

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Giving Back

TVC 050: Giving Back

TVC 050: Giving Back 5 Ways to Make a Difference Right Now Bringing personal and business vitality to life with conscious living and a sense of contribution. I wouldn’t have believed when I first started recording this podcast that we’ll be at 60+ episodes in 80 countries with 650,000+downloads, so I want to thank you…

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The Vitality Coach Finding Your Focus

TVC046: Finding Your Focus

TVC 046  Finding Your Focus Mindset Magic: Finding Your Focus – A Fresh Perspective. You may be asking yourself at the moment with everything going on – where do I fit in, am I ever going to get my goals achieved? We are constantly bombarded by social media and losing perspective on what is truly real rather than…

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