TVC 052: Procrastination 101

TVC 052 Procrastination 101 with Keith Abraham In this episode I  welcome back to the show motivational and success coach Keith Abraham,  so we can get straight to the heart of procrastination 101. Why it’s your worst enemy to truly achieve your goals and top tips on how to stop procrastinating and start doing! A…

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Giving Back

TVC 050: Giving Back

TVC 050: Giving Back 5 Ways to Make a Difference Right Now Bringing personal and business vitality to life with conscious living and a sense of contribution. I wouldn’t have believed when I first started recording this podcast that we’ll be at 60+ episodes in 80 countries with 650,000+downloads, so I want to thank you…

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The Vitality Coach Finding Your Focus

TVC046: Finding Your Focus

TVC 046  Finding Your Focus Mindset Magic: Finding Your Focus – A Fresh Perspective. You may be asking yourself at the moment with everything going on – where do I fit in, am I ever going to get my goals achieved? We are constantly bombarded by social media and losing perspective on what is truly real rather than…

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TVC 022: The 5 Elements Of A Winning Week

TVC022 The 5 Elements Of A Winning Week Life is about creating what you want and applying steps to achieve your goals in all areas – health, wellbeing, family, friends and career.   In this episode I share my tried and tested, success driving chart on weekly planning and the 5 things you should plan…

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Fit Tip Of The Week: Always Engage Your Core

Fit Tip Of The Week: Always Engage Your Core  If there is one thing you should always remember when it comes to body awareness then it’s to always engage your core. Your abs are your power house – the centre of strength, intuition and energy.   Once you learn to connect your core to all…

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The Green Machine – Why You Should Eat Your Greens

The Green Machine  – Why You Should Eat Your Greens Leafy greens are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and are an integral source of fibre and nutrients. They are essential to assist with optimal health and wellbeing. Luckily at the moment green smoothies and  ‘eating your greens’ is in fashion and there is no shortage of…

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Relax 101 – Perfecting the Art of Hammocking

Relax 101 – “Perfecting The Art of Hammocking” Hammock – derived from the dutch word Hang Mat – or hanging mat! I think we should all have these at home. Why wait till you get to a desert island before you recline with a mocktail in your hand, take a big long deep breath then…

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